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Compare the OPPO Find X2 Pro to the Find X2

With the Find X2 series, Oppo wants to compete with the high-end devices from other brands. In addition to the Oppo Find X2, the Chinese brand also releases the Find X2 Pro. There are some minor differences between the devices in terms of camera, build quality, and storage capacity. In this article, we'll tell you more about the similarities and differences between these smartphones.

OPPO Find X2 Pro

512GB storage capacity | 6.7-inch Quad HD screen | Android 10
no longer available
  • You can take razor-sharp photos with the 3 different built-in cameras.
  • With 65W fast charging, you can charge your phone super fast.
  • You have enough space for all your apps, photos, and videos thanks to the large 512GB storage.
  • This smartphone can't charge wirelessly.
  • The large 6.7-inch screen is extra suitable for watching movies in terms of size, but it won't fit in every pocket.

Oppo Find X2

256GB storage capacity | 6.7-inch Quad HD screen | Android 10
no longer available
  • You can take razor-sharp photos with the 3 different built-in cameras.
  • With 65W fast charging, you can charge your phone super fast.
  • The screen refreshes 120 times per second, which makes scrolling and gaming look smooth.
  • This device isn't waterproof like the Oppo Find X2 Pro, for example.
  • With 3x optical zoom, you can zoom in less than with the Pro version.

Compare the Oppo Find X2 Pro and OPPO Find X2

OPPO Find X2 Pro Oppo Find X2
Optical zoom 5 times without loss of quality 3 times without loss of quality
Waterproofness Completely waterproof Splash proof
Storage 512GB 256GB
Material Ceramic or vegan leather Ceramic or glass
Colors Black or orange Black or blue


Camera Oppo X2 Pro

Find X2 Pro: large image sensor, 5x optical zoom

The Oppo Find X2 Pro has a 48-megapixel standard camera. The large image sensor of this camera captures a lot of light, so your photos are very sharp. With the 48-megapixel wide-angle lens, you can also capture large groups or buildings. The 13-megapixel telephoto lens has 5 times optical zoom. This means you can zoom in up to 5 times without your photo becoming less sharp. The device can also record in 4K, so you can make razor-sharp videos. Thanks to the optical image stabilization, you rarely see blur in your recordings.

Oppo Find X2 camera

Find X2: smaller image sensor, 3x optical zoom

The 12-megapixel standard camera of the Oppo Find X2 has fewer megapixels, but the image sensor is more important. The photos of the Find X2 are sharp, but not as sharp as those of the Pro version. This difference is mainly noticeable in low light photos. You also can't zoom in up to 5 times with this device, but just 3 times without loss of quality. The other camera lenses and functions are comparable with those of the Find X2 Pro.

Screen and design

Size Oppo Find x2 Pro

Find X2 Pro: 6.7-inch Quad HD screen, fully waterproof

The Find X2 Pro has a large 6.70-inch Quad HD screen. Due to this large size, it's hard to control the device with one hand. The advantage of this screen size is that you've got a lot of screen space for your movies, series, and games. The screen refreshes 120 times per second, so scrolling through your timeline feels smooth. The smartphone has an IP68 certification, so it's fully dust and waterproof. The Find X2 Pro is available in a ceramic black version and an orange vegan leather version.

Size Oppo Find X2 buy

Find X2: same screen, not waterproof

The Oppo Find X2 has the exact same screen as the Pro version. So keep in mind that it's hard to control this smartphone with one hand. Contrary to the Find X2 Pro, this device isn't fully waterproof. The Find X2 has an IP54 certification. This means the phone is splash proof. The device will stay intact when you call in the rain for 5 minutes. The Find X2 is available in a ceramic black version, but you can also choose a blue device with a glass back.


Oppo Find x2 Pro charging

Find X2 Pro: 4260mAh battery, super fast charging

The Oppo Find X2 Pro has a 4260mAh battery. With normal use, this battery easily lasts a day without charging. The unique thing about this device is how fast you can charge the battery. The battery consists of 2 parts. This allows the device to handle the high power of the included Super VOOC 2.0 charger. This ensures you can fully charge this smartphone in 40 minutes. The device isn't wirelessly rechargeable, though.

Battery Oppo Find x2

Find X2: 4200mAh battery, same charging time

The 4200 battery of the Find X2 is slightly smaller, but the difference in battery life is negligible. Just like the battery of the X2 Pro, this battery consists of 2 parts. So with the included fast charger, you can charge this device just as fast. Do you have to leave in 15 minutes, but is your phone empty? Connect your smartphone to the charge for a while and you can keep going for half a day. The Find X2 also isn't wirelessly rechargeable.


Speed Find X2 Pro

Find X2 Pro: powerful device, 512GB storage capacity

With 512GB storage capacity, you always have enough space for your apps, photos, and other files. This storage isn't expandable with a memory card. The Find X2 Pro has a powerful Snapdragon 865 processor. Thanks to this, you can run the most demanding apps and games without this phone slowing down. Multitasking also goes smoothly, thanks to the massive 12GB RAM.

Performance Oppo Find X2

Find X2: just as powerful, 256 GB storage capacity

The 256GB storage capacity is half as large, but still relatively large. You can easily store 100,000 photos or 30,000 songs. Consider carefully whether this storage capacity is enough, as it isn't expandable with a memory card. The smartphone is just as powerful as its larger brother. Just like the X2 Pro, the X2 is suitable for the 5G network which will be rolled out in the coming years.


The differences between these devices are mainly important if you use the camera often. With the Find X2 Pro, you can zoom in further without loss of quality. On top of that, photos you take with this device are more detailed. The Pro version also has 2 times larger storage capacity to store your photos, videos, and other files. Another important difference is the build quality. The X2 Pro is fully dust and waterproof, while the Find X2 is only splash proof.

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