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Compare the Samsung Galaxy A41 to the M21

The Samsung Galaxy A41 and M21 are similar smartphones in price, but both models have their own specialties. The Samsung A41 has better cameras and is easier to handle. The larger M21 model has a better battery and more processing power. In this article, we'll explain the most important similarities and differences between these devices.

Samsung Galaxy A41

64GB storage capacity | 6.1-inch Full HD screen | Android 10
temporarily sold out
  • It's easy to use the compact 6.1-inch Full HD screen with just one hand.
  • Thanks to the electronic image stabilization, you can take blur-free photos.
  • The Full HD screen allows you to see all the details in your movies and series.
  • This device is slower and can't handle all the demanding apps the Samsung A51 can.
  • The 3500mAh battery doesn't last as long as it does with other smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy M21

64GB storage capacity | 6.4-inch Full HD screen | Android 10
no longer available
  • The M21 almost never lags during daily use.
  • The large 6000mAh battery will easily get you through the day without charging.
  • The Full HD screen allows you to see all the details in your movies and series.
  • The photo quality is less good than with other smartphones in this price range.
  • The large 6.4-inch screen is hard to use with just one hand.

Comparison between the Samsung Galaxy A41 and the M21

Samsung Galaxy A41 Samsung Galaxy M21
Screen size 6.1 inches (easy to handle) 6.4 inches (large)
Screen quality Good Good
Camera quality Standard Mediocre
Speed class Standard Good
Battery capacity 3500mAh 6000mAh

Screen and size

Samsung A41 vs Samsung M21 size

Samsung A41: easy to hold 6.1-inch Full HD screen

The compact Samsung Galaxy A41 has a 6.1-inch screen. A size like this is very rare nowadays. You easily use the A41 with one hand and the device fits into your pockets. The Full HD screen allows you to see many details when watching a movie or series.

Samsung M21 or Samsung A41 size

Samsung M21: large 6.4-inch Full HD screen

The 6.4-inch screen of the Samsung Galaxy M21 is a lot larger. It's hard to use this device with just one hand, especially when you have smaller hands. The quality of the Full HD screen is equal to the Full HD screen quality of the Samsung A41. On the M21, you watch movies in very good quality.


Samsung A41 vs Samsung M21 camera

Samsung A41: standard camera quality

The Samsung Galaxy A41 has a 48-megapixel standard camera with electronic image stabilization. Your photos won't be blurry. Thanks to the 8-megapixel wide-angle lens, you can easily get a large group of people or a large building in one photograph. The depth senor gives a depth of field-effect, for example in portraits. The cameras are sufficient when you take pictures to share on WhatsApp or Facebook. The photos aren't sharp when you print them.

Samsung M21 or Samsung A41 photos

Samsung M21: same types of lenses, lower quality

The Samsung Galaxy M21 has the same type of cameras and the same number of megapixels as the A41. Yet, the photos are significantly less in quality. This is caused by the smaller image sensor and the lack of image stabilization. The smaller image sensor catches less light, so your photos aren't as detailed. You notice best when there's little light. The lack of image stabilization makes the photos easily more blurry than the photos of the Samsung A41, even with the slightest movement.


Samsung A41 or Samsung M21 processing power

Samsung A41: suitable for light tasks, small 3500mAh battery

The Samsung A41 has a MediaTek MT6768 processor and 4GB RAM. This makes it a suitable device for daily use. Tasks like WhatsApp, social media, and browsing the internet can easily be done. The smartphone is slower when using somewhat demanding apps, like YouTube and Spotify. The 3500mAh battery is small, so you have to charge the battery during the day. Thanks to the fast charge function, this is very quick. Do you want a similar smartphone with more processing power and a better battery? Check out the Samsung A51.

Samsung M21 vs Samsung A41 speed

Samsung M21: suitable for daily use, large 6000mAh battery

The Samsung M21 also has 4GB RAM, but a stronger Samsung Exynos 9611 processor. The device almost never lags during daily use. It's easier to use apps like YouTube and Spotify with this device than with the A41. You easily expand the 64GB storage with a memory card, like you do with the A41. The M21 distinguishes itself with the battery. The noticeable 6000mAh battery easily lasts up to one and a half to two days, with normal use. The M21 supports the same fast charge function as the A41.


Which of these two smartphones is most suitable for you depends on your preferences. The Samsung A41 is compact, which makes this device easy to use with just one hand. You also take better photos with this smartphone. The Samsung M21 has a battery that is way better. You don't have to charge this device as often. Also, the M21 is better with somewhat demanding apps, like YouTube and Spotify. So, you either choose compact and nice photos, or you choose a strong battery and more processing power.

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