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Compare Samsung Galaxy Watch3 to Samsung Galaxy Watch

We had to wait 2 years, but there is a successor to the Samsung Galaxy Watch: the Samsung Galaxy Watch3. The Watch3 is slightly smaller and comes with a leather watch strap. The rotating bezel is still a signature feature. We'll tell you more about the differences and similarities between the Watch and the Watch3 in this article.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 45mm Silver

45mm wide | Call and respond to messages | Route registration & navigation via GPS
no longer available
  • Thanks to the built-in microphone, you can use the personal assistant Bixby and answer messages via voice control.
  • Listen to your favorite playlists via your watch thanks to the built-in music player.
  • Get insight into your fitness with the VO2 max measurement, which measures the maximum oxygen uptake of your blood.
  • It's not possible to make contactless payments with the watch.
  • The leather strap isn't suitable for workouts or swimming.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Silver

Measures steps, calories burned, sleep, and more | Integrated GPS | Shows smartphone notifications
no longer available
  • With the standalone Spotify function, you can listen to music via the smartwatch, without your phone.
  • Via the Galaxy App Store, you can download third-party apps on your smartwatch, such as Buienradar or NS Reisplanner.
  • View heart rate zones during training and train specifically for endurance or fat burning, for example.
  • It's not possible to make contactless payments with the watch.
  • With intensive use, such as constant GPS and heart rate measurement, the battery only lasts 1 to 2 days.

Compare the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 to the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Samsung Galaxy Watch
Rotating bezel Yes Yes
Material watch case Stainless steel or titanium Stainless steel
Storage capacity 8GB 4GB
Colors Black, silver, and bronze Black, silver, and rose gold
Size 45 or 41 millimeters wide, about 11.2 millimeters thick 42 or 46 millimeters wide, about 12.8 millimeters thick


Samsung Galaxy Watch3 size

Samsung Galaxy Watch3: smaller, but larger screen

Samsung has slightly resized its Watch. The Galaxy Watch3 comes in two sizes: 41 and 45 millimeters. That is 1 millimeter smaller than its predecessor. The thickness of the watch is striking. The original Samsung Watch was 12.7 millimeters thick, but the Watch3 is only 11.1 millimeters thick. The watch is even thinner, so it protrudes less.

Samsung Galaxy Watch size

Samsung Galaxy Watch: bigger and thicker

Samsung's original smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch, also comes in two sizes: 42 and 46 millimeters. The watch case of the Galaxy Watch is a lot thicker at 12.7 millimeters. This means there is room for a larger battery. With average use, the Galaxy Watch lasts about 45 hours. The Galaxy Watch3 lasts about 43 hours with average use.


Samsung Galaxy Watch3 watch straps

Samsung Galaxy Watch3: leather watch strap, classic look

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 45mm and 41mm come with a leather watch strap. This gives the watch a classic and chic look, but is less suitable for sports. Silicone straps are also available for the Watch3. In addition to stainless steel, the watch is also available in titanium. The bezel around the screen we know from the original Galaxy Watch is also on the Watch3. The Watch3 is available in the colors black, silver, and bronze.

Samsung Galaxy Watch watch straps

Samsung Galaxy Watch: silicone watch strap, casual look

The original Samsung watch has a silicone watch strap. This material is more casual than a leather watch strap. Silicone is also easier to clean. The Galaxy Watch is only available in stainless steel and in the colors black, silver, and rose gold.

Health functions

Samsung Galaxy Watch3: oxygen measurement, fall detection

Samsung Galaxy Watch3: oxygen measurement, fall detection

Just like its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 keeps you informed of the most important messages and notifications all day long. In addition, the Watch3 has many new or improved health functions. The Samsung smartwatch measures your blood pressure and the oxygen level in your blood. Sleep apnea can be detected with an oxygen meter. Thanks to the new ECG heart rate monitor, you can make cardiograms from your wrist. The Watch3 also has fall detection and an improved accelerometer. The watch now also measures your sleep even better. Your night's sleep is scored and you receive tips to improve your sleep rhythm.

Samsung Galaxy Watch: heart rate monitor, measure sleep

Samsung Galaxy Watch: heart rate monitor, measure sleep

The original Galaxy Watch also has various health functions. Just like the Watch3, it keeps track of your heart rate with the built-in pulse sensor. It can also measure your stress level based on your heart rate. You also get more insight into your sleep, because the Galaxy Watch, like the Watch3, measures your sleep duration and quality. The watch doesn't have an oxygen meter, also called a saturation meter, which its successor does have.

Fitness functions

Samsung Galaxy Watch3: VO2 max, feedback on runs

Samsung Galaxy Watch3: VO2 max, feedback on runs

Although the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is primarily a smartwatch, you can also use it for your workouts. For example, the new Samsung Galaxy Watch is equipped with a VO2 max meter. This gives you insight into your fitness. The watch analyzes your performance while running and gives you feedback on your run. The leather strap that you get with the Galaxy Watch3 isn't really suitable for sports. Make sure to replace the leather strap with a silicone strap before exercising.

Samsung Galaxy Watch: sport profiles and sports band

Samsung Galaxy Watch: sport profiles and sports band

The Galaxy Watch is also suitable for sports. The silicone watch strap of the watch stays firmly on your wrist and is resistant to water and sweat. Just like its successor, the Galaxy Watch has different sport profiles. That makes the watch suitable for cycling, fitness, and running. You can also jump into the pool with the Galaxy Watch and the Watch3, because both models are waterproof.

Extra functions

Samsung Galaxy Watch3: more storage and apps

Samsung Galaxy Watch3: more storage and apps

In addition to the health and sports functions of Galaxy Watch3, the watch has even more new functions. You can use the new version of the Watch with more apps, such as Mail, MyFitnessPal, and Runkeeper. That's convenient, because the 8GB storage offers more space for apps. You can adjust the watch face entirely to your liking and determine which data is visible on the screen. You can also open photos that are sent to you on your watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch: less storage capacity

Samsung Galaxy Watch: less storage capacity

The Samsung Galaxy Watch has 4GB of storage capacity, enough for your favorite apps. The watch keeps you informed of your messages and what appointments you have that day. You can easily accept or decline incoming calls from your wrist. On top of that, you can also pause music you're listening to on your phone via your watch. This way, you don't have to take your phone out of your pocket or bag as often. The Watch3 also has these functions.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 has a number of important advantages compared to its predecessor. The watch is slightly smaller and a lot thinner, so it feels more subtle on your wrist. The leather watch strap gives the Watch3 a luxurious look, just like the stainless steel and titanium watch case. In terms of functions, the watches are very similar. The Watch3 has an oxygen meter, fall detection, and VO2 max measurements, which the Watch doesn't have. Are those functions important to you? Choose the Samsung Galaxy Watch3.

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