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Comparison: Sonos One vs Harman Kardon Citation ONE

The Sonos One and the Harman Kardon Citation ONE speaker are 2 speakers that are very similar, but are also different from each other. What the differences are, I will gladly explain in this article.

Sonos One

Sound quality according to customers: Excellent | Integrated voice assistant: Yes | Spotify Connect: Yes
temporarily sold out
  • You can listen to clear sound through the double speakers.
  • With additional Sonos speakers, you can easily create a surround or multi-room setup.
  • Trueplay tunes the sound of your speaker to the acoustics of your room.
  • The speaker doesn't have AirPlay or Bluetooth support.
  • You need Spotify Premium to listen to music from Spotify through the speaker.

Harman Kardon Citation ONE

Sound quality according to customers: Excellent | Integrated voice assistant: Yes | Spotify Connect: Yes
no longer available
  • With the Google Assistant you can control the speaker via voice commands.
  • With multiple Citation speakers you can easily create a surround or multi-room setup.
  • In addition to using WiFi, you also stream music from a smartphone or laptop to the speaker via Bluetooth.
  • This speaker, like the Citation 500, doesn't have a built-in screen to read useful information.
  • The WiFi speaker can't be used as rear speaker(s) for a 5.0 or 5.1 surround setup.

Vergelijk de Sonos One met de Harman Kardon Citation ONE

Sonos One Citation One
AirPlay Ja Nee
Spraakbediening Ja: Google Assistant Ja: Google Assistant
Waterbestendig Spatwaterdicht Nee
Bluetooth Nee Ja
App Sonos Google Home

The installation

Sonos One installation

Sonos One: easy

The installation of the Sonos One is done via WiFi and the Sonos app. You go through the installation process in the app on your smartphone where you make the connection to WiFi. If you have a strong WiFi connection, the installation is completed in 10 to 15 minutes. The Sonos One also offers the possibility to install the TruePlay function. This allows you to adjust the sound of the speaker to the acoustics in the house. I recommend this, but it will cost you 10 minutes extra installation time.

Citation One installation

Harman Kardon Citation One: quickly completed

The installation of the Harman Kardon speaker also takes place via a WiFi connection and an app. A strong WiFi connection in the house ensures a faster and smoother installation. The installation should be completed in 10 to 15 minutes. The Citation One offers the option to install the Google Assistant to operate the speaker through voice commands. I definitely recommend this and it will only cost you 10 minutes extra installation time.

The app

Sonos app

Sonos One: Sonos app

With the Sonos app, you can install and operate the speaker. In the Sonos Controller app, you can listen to your own music and playlists or stream music from streaming services, such as Spotify or YouTube, and use internet radio. Linking with streaming services is very easy. With the equalizer functions, you can adjust the sound to your own wishes. You can also control music per room in the app when you have multiple Sonos speakers in your home. You can stream the same music to all speakers at the same time or a different genre in every room.

Google Home app

Harman Kardon Citation One: Google Home app

With the Harman Kardon Citation One speaker, you can use the Google Home app. Through this app, you not only control the speaker, but all your smart equipment at home, such as lighting and thermostats. Select spaces and add speakers to those spaces, making it easy to control your multi-room from the app. You can also set the speech assistant, Google Assistant, through the app and set your preferences. Connecting to streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube is quick and easy.


Sonos One connection

Sonos One: AirPlay and voice control

You can easily control your Sonos One via the integrated Google Assistant. Ask the Assistant to play a song and she'll arrange it for you. The Assistant also answers questions about the weather, traffic, or your calendar. Another advantage of the Sonos One is that the speaker supports AirPlay, so you can stream wirelessly and maintain sound quality music. You can use Apple devices, such as a smartphone or laptop, to stream to your Sonos One speaker.

Citation One connection

Harman Kardon Citation One: Bluetooth and voice control

The Harman Kardon Citation One also doesn't have extra audio inputs to connect a headset or laptop. The advantage of this speaker is that, in addition to WiFi, you can also stream music via Bluetooth to the speaker. So you don't need a network connection, which is useful when you use the speaker outdoors or in places in the house where the WiFi isn't very strong. The speaker also has Google Assistant. You can control your music through voice control. Ask to play songs, pause the music, or turn down the volume and the speaker will follow your commands.

Suitable for space

Sonos One space

Sonos One: also suitable for humid rooms

With the Sonos One, you have a good basic speaker for a multi-room setup. This way, you can distribute multiple Sonos One speakers throughout the house or combine the One with a soundbar and subwoofer for better sound with your television. The speaker itself doesn't create an extremely high volume, making it more suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. Thanks to the moisture-resistant design, the speaker is also suitable for use in bathrooms and on the terrace.

Citation One space

Harman Kardon Citation One: also suitable for surround setup

With the Harman Kardon Citation One speaker, you can easily create a multi-room system. The smallest speaker of the Citation lineup doesn't produce a high volume, which makes the speaker suitable for small and medium spaces. Place multiple One speakers in your house and listen to the same or different music everywhere. Thanks to the Bluetooth function, you can use the speaker everywhere. Thanks to the special design with the fabric housing, the Citation One speaker is an extension of your home furnishings.


The speakers aren't large devices, but create a detailed, powerful sound. I'm not an audiophile, but I don't notice any difference in the sound of the speakers. If you want a multi-room sound setup that is also an extension of your interior, the Citation speaker is your speaker. You can also easily use this speaker in multiple rooms thanks to the integrated Bluetooth function, in addition to WiFi. If you want to create a multi-room setup at home where you also use the speakers in the bathroom and in the garden, the Sonos One is your speaker, thanks to the splash-proof design and user-friendliness.

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