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Comparison: QNAP TS-s53Be-2G, TS-228A and TS-231P2

In your search for a NAS, it's important to choose the best one for you. You want the NAS to be able to do what you expect of it. In this article, we'll compare 3 QNAP NAS setups, namely the QNAP TS-s53Be-2G, QNAP TS-228A, and the QNAP TS-231P2. The main difference is in the storage and the options.


Space for 2 hard drives | 1GB RAM + Quad core CPU | FHD streaming
no longer available
  • Thanks to the Quad-Core processor, the NAS can handle multiple tasks such as streaming videos and making backups.
  • The NAS has space for 2 internal hard drives for double-safe storage of your files.
  • With 1GB RAM, the NAS isn't suitable for demanding tasks such as streaming 4K videos.
  • The NAS doesn't have an HDMI port to connect it directly to your TV or monitor.


Room for 2 hard drives | 1GB RAM + Quad-Core CPU | 3 USB 3.0 ports
no longer available
  • Link aggregation allows you to combine network cables for a higher throughput speed.
  • Thanks to the Quad-Core processor, the NAS can handle more demanding tasks than a Dual-Core processor.
  • Easily create backups with one touch of the Instant backup button.
  • With 1GB RAM, the NAS isn't suitable for demanding tasks such as streaming 4K videos.
  • The NAS doesn't have an HDMI port to connect it directly to your TV or monitor.

QNAP TS-s53Be-2G

Room for 2 hard drives | 4GB RAM + Dual core CPU | 4K streaming, Plex and virtualization
no longer available
  • This NAS has an M2 slot available for an M2 SSD in order to process data even faster, for example.
  • The NAS has 2 HDMI ports to connect it directly to your TV or monitor.
  • Via Plex, you can watch all the films from your NAS on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or smart TV.
  • The NAS only has space for 2 drives, where other models have space for 4 drives in this price range.


Number of hard drive bays 2 2 2
Number of HDMI ports None None 2
Number of Ethernet ports 1 2 2
Number of USB ports 2 3 5
M2 expansion slot present? No No Yes, 1 slot
RAM expandable? No Yes, up to 8GB Yes, up to 8GB


Front view TS-228A


The QNAP TS-228A has a Realtek Quad-Core processor. This makes this NAS suitable for making backups at a higher speed than with a Dual-Core processor. But the clock speed is only up to 1.4GHz. It has 1GB RAM, which is enough for basic use. But if you want the NAS to perform more demanding tasks, you need a little more RAM. You can't upgrade the RAM of this NAS.

Front view TS-231P


Just like the other 3 models, the QNAP TS-231P has an ARM Quad-Core processor. The clock speed is higher than that of the TS-228A at 1.5GHz. On top of that, this model allows you to expand the RAM. This NAS has 1GB RAM by default, but you can upgrade this up to 8GB with another module. This makes the NAS more suitable to perform multiple tasks at the same time.

Front view TS-253Be

QNAP TS-253Be-2G

As the most powerful model, the QNAP TS-253Be-2G has a 1.5GHz Intel Quad-Core processor with a 2.3GHz turbo speed. This makes this model more suitable for the more demanding tasks such as streaming a 4K video. This model also has no less than 2 RAM slots, so you can add 2 modules to this device and increase the RAM up to 8GB. With 2 modules, the work can be divided as well, which makes this NAS work faster.


Back of the TS-228A


In terms of connectors, the TS-228A has 2 USB ports and an Ethernet port. Nothing more than necessary. Use the USB ports to connect external storage to the NAS. And use the Ethernet port for stable access to the internet. You can't use LACP Link to double the internet speed like with the other 2 models in this comparison though. This is because you need 2 Ethernet ports for LACP.

Back of the TS-231P


The main difference between the TS-231P and the TS-228A is that this NAS has 2 Ethernet ports. This means you can use LACP Link, which increases your internet speed. So if you want to download your favorite series faster, we recommend a NAS with 2 Ethernet ports. This NAS also has 1 extra USB port for external storage.

Back of the TS-253Be

QNAP TS-253Be-2G

Just like the TS-231P, the TS-253Be-2G has 2 Ethernet ports for LACP Link. The special feature is that the NAS has 2 HDMI ports. With that, you can connect the NAS directly to a screen, something you can't do with the other 2 models in this comparison. As a result, you can use this NAS in your living room. This NAS also has an M2 slot for an SSD for example, which can process data up to 10 times faster than a normal hard drive.

Usage situations

The QNAP TS-228A


The TS-228A is the starter model of the 3 and it has slightly fewer functionalities than the others. This NAS is meant to make backups with or to store photo albums on. Or to automatically download series, although this is slower than with the other 2 models. You also get 4 licenses for IP cameras with this NAS, so it's also suitable to store your camera footage.

The QNAP TS-231P


With 2 Ethernet ports and LACP Link, you can double the internet speed to open files even faster. As a result, you can also stream Full HD movies via DLNA on this NAS, for example. DLNA is a technology which streams media to your smart TV, smartphone, and other devices. So if you mainly want to download and stream series, the TS-231P is the right NAS for you. This model is also the better choice if you need more external storage.

The QNAP TS-253Be-2G

QNAP TS-253Be-2G

The TS-253Be-2G is mainly suitable for streaming movies via DLNA or Plex. You can even do this in 4K. The other 2 models don't have this feature, so the movie buff should choose this NAS. The upgrade possibilities also ensure this NAS is faster than the other 2 and suitable for demanding tasks. For those who want the most features on their NAS, the TS-253Be-2G is the most suitable.


Which model suits you best depends on your usage situation. If you want to store data, make backups, or store footage on your NAS, the TS-228A is sufficient for you. If you want faster internet via LACP Link and you want to be able to expand the memory, choose the TS-231P. And if you're a movie buff or binge watcher and prefer to watch content in 4K, and you also want to be able to use an M2 SSD, then choose the TS-253Be-2G.

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