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My computer doesn't recognize my TomTom

You want to update your TomTom, so you connect it to the computer. But nothing happens. Your computer doesn't recognize your TomTom, which means updating it isn't possible. In this article, we'll show you what steps to take if you run into this problem.


Reconnect to your TomTom

If your computer doesn't recognize your TomTom anymore, there are several ways to solve this.

  • Step 1: install MyDrive Connect on your computer
  • Step 2: try a different USB port
  • Step 3: reset your TomTom navigation system
  • Step 4: update your computer

Step 1: install MyDrive Connect

Install MyDrive Connect

First, make sure the MyDrive Connect program is installed on your computer. You use this program for performing updates, among other things. It's not difficult to install MyDrive Connect on your computer. We explain how to do that in the following article.

Step 2: try a different USB port

Try a different USB port

It's important to connect your TomTom directly to the USB port on your computer. Don't connect your TomTom to a USB hub that is connected to your computer, for example. Always use the original USB cable that is included with your TomTom. Using other wires can cause connection problems. If you want to make sure the included cable isn't defect, you could connect it to a different TomTom and check if the cable does work with this device.

Step 3: reset your TomTom

Reset your TomTom

Have you tried everything and does your computer still not recognize your TomTom? Try resetting it. Your TomTom often works without difficulties after you've reset the navigation system. In the following article, you can read how to reset your TomTom.

Step 4: update your computer

Update your computer

Having a computer with outdated software or an older driver can be the cause of the connection issues. Make sure the software and drivers on your computer have been updated with the latest version. Follow these steps if you want to know how to manually connect the driver to your TomTom (on Windows):

  1. Click on 'PC' or 'This PC' with the right mouse button and then choose 'Manage'.
  2. Now choose 'Device manager' and then choose 'Network adapters'.
  3. Select your TomTom, so the driver is connected. If you're TomTom doesn't show up underneath 'Network adapters', it might be with 'Other devices'.

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