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Expert review of the Concept 2 Model D PM5 rowing machine

It is one of the most talked about and popular rowing trainers in the fitness world: Concept2 Model D PM5. Both at competitions and in the gym you can see this model rowing trainer back. What makes this rowing machine so popular? You can read it in this review of the Concept2 Model D PM5 rower.

In short

User max. 225kg | Air resistance | Stepless resistance levels | Stepless resistance adjustment | Cord-driven
no longer available
  • Because the rower has a sturdy construction, it is suitable for intensive training and the device has a long lifespan.
  • Training results can be viewed via the Concept2 app or on your computer.
  • You can also train on wattage when you have a specific You want to achieve the goal.
  • The rowing machine works on air resistance so you quickly notice whether your technique is good.+ The PM5 display makes it possible to race against other Concept2 users.
  • The rower has a flywheel making the device is not exactly noiseless.

From the box

Concept2 out of the box

The rowing machine is delivered in 1 box. When you open the box you immediately see that the device consists of 3 separate parts. These are: the flywheel with the foot pedals, the rails with seat and the standard that the flywheel leans on. The flywheel and the rails click together. Then you place the support under the flywheel. You have to be careful that the point of that standard does not point to the pedals, but away from the rower. Otherwise the rower falls over during training and nobody wants that. The manual is also in the box.

Type of resistance

Type of resistance concept2

The rowing machine works on air resistance. You notice this well during your training because the device makes little noise. The sound you hear sounds pretty realistic, just like you're really rowing. You will soon hear whether you have the right technique or not. If you find the resistance too light, you can also easily set it to a higher position via the arrow-shaped air slide on the outside of the flywheel.

Training on wattage

Training on wattage concept2

On the Concept2 Model D you have the option to train on wattage. You simply set the wattage you want to train via the display and during your training you have to make sure you do not get out of it. This option is very useful when you want to work on your condition or when you want to burn fat.

The display

Display concept2

On the display you will see your beats per minute during the workout, your distance traveled, the number of calories burned and your heart rate. The display automatically turns on as soon as you start rowing and automatically switches off when you have stopped rowing. Via a USB cable, you can view your training results on your laptop or PC. Handy here is that through the site of Concept2 you can download the software for this, but also extra software with which you extend your training, such as Kinomap and RowPro.

The ErgData app

ErgData app concept2

If you prefer to view your training results on your smartphone or ipad instead of via your computer, you simply use the ErgData app from Concept2. Use the app during your workout to see your height and the power of your rowing alongside the information on your display. After your workout, simply send the data to your Concept2 account or view your training overview.

Other models of Concept2

Models concept2

In addition to Concept2 Model D, there is also Model E. At Model E there is just a little more done to the appearance of the rower. In addition, Model E has a higher seat. This is especially nice when you have difficulty walking or have reduced stability, because getting on and off is easier than with Model D.

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