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How do I pair 2 HEOS speakers as a group or stereo pair?

You have installed 2 HEOS by Denon speakers. To listen to the same music in several rooms, make a group of them. Do you have 2 same HEOS speakers and do you want to play the sound in stereo? Then you choose a stereo pair. How to create a group or a stereo pair, I explain in the following steps.

What do you need?

  • 2 HEOS by Denon speakers connected to the same wireless network.

** Note **: You can only make a stereo pair if you have 2 same HEOS speakers.

  • The HEOS app on your smartphone or tablet. Your smartphone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your HEOS speakers.

Step 1: open the HEOS app

HEOS app

Open the HEOS app on your smartphone or tablet, so that the app makes direct contact with your speakers. You now have the start menu for you.

Step 2: Tap Spaces

Tap spaces

The app consists of 3 tabs that appear at the bottom of the screen. At the bottom-left of the screen, tap the Rooms tab. You will now see an overview of all your HEOS speakers.

Step 3: Drag a speaker to the other speaker

Sleep speakers

Determine which speakers you want to link together and drag 1 of the 2 speakers to the other. The app now shows that the speakers are connected in a group.

You now have a group

When you tap this group, the music is played over both speakers in the group. Do you have more HEOS speakers that you want to add to this group? Then drag them one by one to this group. To remove a speaker from the group, drag it down. \ r \ n \ r \ nWould you like to make a stereo pair of 2 identical speakers? Then also read the following steps.

Step 4: tap the icon that looks like a pencil

Tap the pencil

Stay in the Rooms tab and tap the icon that looks like a pencil at the top right of the screen.

Step 5: tap the red arrow

Tap the red arrow

Tap the red arrow next to the group of speakers that you will use as a stereo pair.

Step 6: Turn on Stereo Pair

Stereo pair

You now see the properties of your speaker group. The Stereo Pair option indicates whether the speakers form a stereo pair. Tap this option to enable Stereo Pair

You now have a stereo pair

At the top left of the screen, touch the left arrow to return to the Rooms menu. In this menu you select the group from now on to play music over the stereo pair. To disconnect the speakers from each other, drag one of the speakers down, out of the group.

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