Written by Caitlin

How do I defrost my fridge?

Defrosting a fridge isn't the most fun task, but it's important. First, switch off your fridge and empty it. Wait until all the ice has thawed and thoroughly clean and dry the freezer compartment. Switch the fridge freezer combination back on and wait for it to reach the right temperature before you put the food back in.

1. Switch it off

Fridge on/off button

Switch off the fridge. Most fridges can be switched off by pulling the plug. Some fridges have an actual button. You can usually find it on top of the fridge.

2. Empty

Empty fridge

Empty both the fridge compartment and the freezer compartment. Do you have a separate freezer? Place all your items there. You can also use coolers and cooler bags to store your food.

3. Defrost

Empty freezer compartment

When defrosting, place a towel in the freezer compartment so the water won't go everywhere. In addition, lay a large towel on the floor to catch any leaks.

4. Defrost faster

Remove ice from freezer compartment

Wait until all the ice has gotten loose. You can loosen large pieces with a wooden spatula or a plastic ice scraper for car windows. Never use iron tools, because the cooling elements are very delicate. Do you want to speed up the defrosting process? Place a pan or container with hot water on the the bottom of the freezer compartment and close the door. Make sure to use a coaster. If you want to be done even faster, you can use a special defrosting spray.

5. Clean

Clean freezer compartment with sponge

Did all the ice thaw? You can thoroughly clean your freezer compartment now. A damp cloth with some soda works wonders and also has a disinfecting effect. Make sure you dry the freezer compartment well with a tea towel at the end so that no moisture remains, because it will freeze again.

6. Turn it on

Freezer drawers in a fridge

Turn the fridge back on. Once it reaches the right temperature, you can put your food back in the fridge. If the fridge doesn't have a defrost system, you have to defrost the fridge about 6 times a year. If the fridge has a Low Frost system, you only have to do that twice a year.

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