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What if your modulating boiler works on OpenTherm?

Does your modulating boiler work OpenTherm?

Yes, my modulating boiler works on OpenTherm


No, my modulating boiler doesn't work on OpenTherm

I don't know

Good to know

There are also differences within the category of modulating boilers. There are modulating boilers with OpenTherm protocol and modulating boilers that only work with specific brands. OpenTherm is the standard language that a modulating boiler talks. Below, a brief explanation of the OpenTherm function.

What is an OpenTherm protocol?

A modulating boiler with an OpenTherm protocol is the easiest variant of the modulating boiler. Why? Because these boilers can communicate with all modulating thermostats. So if you have a modulating thermostat and a boiler with OpenTherm protocol, you know for sure that it fits and optimally supports the operation of the boiler.

More about OpenTherm

Advantages of a modulating boiler with OpenTherm protocol:

  • All modulating thermostats are compatible with the boiler.
  • The boiler is not brand-specific, so you have a wide choice of thermostats.

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