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How do you determine the quality of a trampoline?

Yes! You're out. You want to buy a trampoline for yourself, your child, your nephew or your grandchild. You just do not know what to look out for when it comes to the quality of a trampoline. When are the parts of a trampoline of good quality? In this article we would like to give you a hand by explaining which points you can pay attention to.

Important parts

A trampoline consists of a number of fixed parts. These are due for replacement after a few years. When you have to replace it depends on the part itself and the extent to which you use the trampoline. But this replacement also depends mainly on the quality of these parts. To find out if you are buying a good quality trampoline, it is important to pay attention to the following items:

  • The frame
  • The springs
  • The trampoline edge
  • The jumping mat
  • The safety net

The frame

Trampoline frame

The frame of a trampoline is like a stone for a house. It provides the sturdy, stable base that a trampoline leans on. Most frames are made of stainless steel. A good quality frame has a tube thickness of at least 1.6 to a maximum of 3 millimeters. Another quality feature is that the frame is galvanized. This extra zinc layer makes the frame rust-resistant, which means it can withstand all weather conditions. The welds also tell you a lot about the quality of the frame. A thicker frame tube has a straight weld seam without extra metal plates so that it does not dent quickly. With a warranty period of 6 to 10 years you can be sure that the frame meets the quality requirements. Because the more durable the trampoline is, the longer the warranty period.

The springs

Trampoline springs

Trampoline springs determine how well a trampoline springs during a jump. The longer the spring, the better the power of jumps is distributed. To determine the quality of the springs, pay attention to the length, thickness and shape of the spring. A less durable trampoline has feathers with an average length of 16 to 18 centimeters. Qualitatively, good trampolines contain springs that have been treated against corrosion and have an average length of 21 to 23 centimeters. The thicker the spring, the further it can stretch. As a result, the power of the jump is better distributed. Conical springs are conical and distribute the force better and more evenly than straight springs.

The trampoline edge

Trampoline pad

A trampoline edge usually looks colorful. The main function of the edge is that it covers the iron frame and the springs. So that your child does not intervene with his feet here. A quality, good trampoline edge is made of closed cell foam that is firm and absorbs water. Take into account a minimum thickness of 20 millimeters and an average width between 26 and 40 centimeters. In general, the thicker the filling, the safer and firmer and more durable the edge. To maintain the quality, it is wise to cover the edge with a cover. This means that it lasts longer.

The trampoline mat

Trampoline mat

Make sure you check carefully which material the jumping mat is made of. This says a lot about the safety and quality of the trampoline. Most jumping mats are made of USA permatron. This is a combination of polypropylene and plastic fiber. USA permatron is UV-resistant and prevents mold formation. Permatron also performs well, which makes jumps high jumps. Less sustainable trampolines contain a spring mat that is not made of permatron. The material of the jumping mat may look the same, but is less sturdy and durable. A jumping mat often lasts for years, but then you have to handle it well. Jumping with your pet or with shoes on the trampoline is not such a good idea.

The safety net

Safety net

A safety net prevents a fall of the trampoline and is essential for safety. A safety net is a prerequisite especially for trampolines on legs. But safety nets also differ a lot in quality. A high-quality, good safety net is made of polypropylene and contains piles filled with firm foam and surrounded by a PVC cover. In addition, these nets contain additional fastening options with screws to secure to the frame. In this way, the net stays tight and firm around the trampoline. Finally, the closure of the safety net is important. An overlapping closure is safer and more durable than a zipper. Your child can get out more difficult here.

Trampolines of high quality

So, hopefully the above points will provide you with a grip on the quality of a trampoline. If you are planning to leave the trampoline in your garden for a longer period of time, it is advisable to secure the trampoline with anchoring pins. With a protective cover you protect the trampoline edge against dirt from the outside and thus increase the durability of the trampoline. Thanks to good maintenance, the quality of your trampoline is guaranteed longer. Based on our quality analysis the following trampolines are the best. Look especially at your own wishes and needs and make your definitive choice based on that.

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