Written by Mascha

What if I have a modulating central heating boiler?

Do I have a modulating boiler?

Yes, I have a modulating boiler


No, I don't have a modulating boiler


Good to know

In your boiler's included booklets, you can see which type of boiler you have. After all, all boilers look alike, but there are major differences in the operation and control of boilers. There are on/off boilers and modulating boilers. A modulating boiler is the most energy-efficient boiler on the market. The boiler doesn't turn off every time the heat has reached the house and doesn't turn on each time the temperature in the house needs to go up. The water temperature in a modulating boiler remains constant so that the boiler doesn't keep working at full capacity when the temperature in the room has to go up. To optimally use the modulating functionality of the boiler, you need an appropriate thermostat. Make sure you know which type of boiler you have at home before buying a new thermostat. Only then can you determine the best thermostat for you.

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