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What is the difference between a carbon brush and a brushless washing machine?

If you want a washing machine that is durable and makes as little noise as possible, consider the type of motor. You can choose from washing machines with a carbon brush motor or a brushless motor. The most durable option is a brushless washing machine. If you choose this, you can also choose a motor with Direct Drive. These models are extra silent. Here, you can read what the differences are and what you'll notice from this.

Compare the motor types

Carbon brush motor Brushless motor Brushless motor with Direct Drive
Silent No Yes Yes (extra)
Energy-efficient No Yes Yes (extra)
Durable No Yes Yes (extra)

What are the differences?

Washing machine with carbon brush motor

Carbon brushes: more noise and wears more quickly

A carbon brush motor is a motor surrounded by carbon brushes. These transmit electricity and cause the drum to rotate. A washing machine with carbon brushes makes more noise, uses more energy, and wears more quickly. This is because the carbon brushes come into contact with the motor's armature. A brushless washing machines doesn't have this problem. Models with carbon brushes are becoming less common, but they're more affordable.

Brushless washing machine

Brushless: more silent and less wear

Do you want a washing machine that produces less noise, is energy efficient, and wears less quickly? Choose a washing machine with a brushless motor. It doesn't have carbon brushes, which means less friction and noise. This is useful when you place the washing machine near your bedroom. Although the washing machine doesn't have carbon brushes, it still has a drive belt that could wear in the long term.

Direct Drive washing machine

Brushless with direct drive: most silent and most durable

A direct-drive motor is a brushless motor without a drive belt. You'll find this motor in Direct Drive washing machines from LG and Direct Motion models from Haier. This type of motor lasts the longest because the motor uses a magnetic field. Since there are no extra parts, there is very little friction around the motor as well. This is why washing machines with direct drive are also the most silent.

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