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The differences between the Epson WorkForce printers

The Epson WorkForce models are all-in-one inkjet printers which are mainly suitable for a (home) office. In addition to the standard WorkForce models, Epson also has WorkForce Pro printers which are even more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly. On this page, we'll explain the other differences of these Pro models compared to the standard WorkForce products.

Comparison Epson WorkForce and WorkForce Pro

WorkForce WorkForce Pro
Print quality Better Good
Print speed Fast Faster
Ink consumption Average Low
Print resolution Higher High
Maximum print size A3 A4
Energy costs Low Lower

Print quality

Epson WorkForce: better quality

Epson WorkForce: better

Cartridges are known for their good print quality. Especially in case of the WorkForce, which has all cartridges separately in the holder. Every cartridges is separately available, so you only have to replace the empty ones. The number of DPI of the WorkForce printers goes up to 2400x4800DPI, so you can also print photos very clearly. The DPI indicates the resolution. The higher this number, the sharper the print. So you can print clear documents and even photos with the WorkForce printers.

Epson WorkForce Pro: good quality

Epson WorkForce Pro: good

The print quality of a printer is affected in many ways. First, the ink is important. This allows the printer to print all colors correctly on the paper. The 4 cartridges ensure the right contrasts independently. The Pro models have a resolution of 1200x2400DPI. With this number, you can print your documents without loss of quality. The WorkForce Pro is less suitable for printing high resolution photos.

Print speed

Epson WorkForce: less speed

Epson WorkForce: about 18 pages per minute

The Epson WorkForce printers are made for the office. Whether this is a small office with a few colleagues, or the office of the freelancer. They're inkjet printers, but that doesn't mean they're not efficient and fast like other inkjet printers. The print heads of the WorkForce models have a new technology which also increases the print speed. That way, you won't have to wait for your print for long at the office.

Epson WorkForce Pro: more speed

Epson WorkForce Pro: about 24 pages per minute

The WorkForce Pro models also benefit from the new technologies and also have more to offer. The normal WorkForce models print about 18 pages per minute, but the Pro printers go over that at up to 24 pages per minute. This shows why the Pro version increases productivity at the office even more. Making a cup of coffee can take longer than printing a document.

Ink consumption

Epson WorkForce average consumption

Epson WorkForce: average

The Epson WorkForce printers are pretty energy-efficient in use. You can tell from the usage costs how efficient the ink usage of the printer and the cartridges is. The consumption of the standard WorkForce printer comes down to about € 0.078 per page. Average use is between 4.6 and 9.9 cents per page. This is a decent average, which means you can make plenty of prints before you have to replace the cartridges.

Epson WorkForce Pro: low consumption

Epson WorkForce Pro: low

Pro stands mainly for the better efficiency and sustainability. You can tell from the ink usage that Pro printers have been improved. The usage costs are low at about € 0.03 per page. In addition, the usage costs in terms of energy and defects are also low. All in all, this is a more sustainable printer series which saves you or your employer a lot of money.


The WorkForce is a good choice for a small office or home office. The print quality is very good and they also support A3 paper. Want something a little faster, more energy-efficient, and more reliable? The WorkForce Pro is the upgrade you're looking for. They're inkjet printers just like the WorkForce models, but they save you a lot of costs in terms of replacements and energy. If sustainability is important to the office, the WorkForce Pro is the ideal solution.

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