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Chest freezer: how much does A+++ save compared to A+?

You do not only yourself, but also the environment a favor if you opt for an energy-efficient freezer. After the average 18-year lifespan of the freezer, you save the environment an average CO2 emission that is equivalent to the emissions of a 11,700-kilometer car ride. You will ultimately save your wallet € 306.

Good for the environment

Saving the environment

A+++ saves CO2 emissions from a car trip to Hawaii

With an energy-efficient A+++ freezer, you save an average of 1,911 kWh energy during the average lifespan of 18 years compared to an A+ freezer. This energy saving is equivalent to a CO2 emission of 1,242 kilograms, which in turn is equivalent to the emission of a 11,700 kilometer car ride to Hawaii as the crow flies. A lot of CO2 in the atmosphere causes global warming. With an energy-efficient model you contribute as little as possible to the greenhouse effect.

Saving in trees

A+ costs 62 trees a year to grow

Trees and plants absorb the environmentally harmful CO2 from the atmosphere. A non-efficient A+ freezer provides higher CO2 emissions with an average CO2 emission of 1,242 kilograms. To absorb this amount of CO2, 62 trees must grow for a year. This comparison does not count if you do not have gray, but environmentally friendly, green electricity at home. No CO2 is released when producing green electricity.

Saving for you

Saving in money

A+++ saves € 306

An energy-efficient freezer has an average purchase price of € 481. This is € 144 more than a non-energy-efficient model. Yet you ultimately save an average of € 306. This is due to the lower energy costs of around € 25 per year. With these lower costs you can earn back the difference in purchase price after 6 years. A freezer usually lasts for 18 years. The 12 years after your break, you save € 25 annually.

Extra cost

A+ costs € 306 more

The following applies to an A+ freezer: save now, pay later. Ultimately, after the 18-year lifespan, you spend on average € 306 more than with an energy-efficient freezer. How? The annual energy costs are € 57, while those of an A+++ model are only € 32. Yes, the freezer is cheaper when you purchase it, but that advantage is canceled after 6 years. After those 6 years you pay € 25 extra in energy costs per month.

Cost comparison

A+++ A+
Annual energy costs € 32 € 57
Average purchase price € 481 € 337
Total costs after 18 years (purchase price + energy costs) € 1,057 € 1363

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