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What is the difference between a smartphone and a GSM?

When it comes to phones, you'll encounter all kinds of terms. 'Smartphone' and 'mobile phone' are 2 frequently-used terms. What's the difference between them? Are there any? I'll tell you in this article.

Compare a mobile phone to a smartphone

Mobile phone Smartphone
Making phone calls Yes Yes
Send texts Yes Yes
Surfing the Internet No Yes
Download apps No Yes
Keyboard Usually physical Usually virtual
Camera Average (if present) Average to very good

What is the difference between a GSM and a smartphone?

what is a smartphone

Even though we often call smartphones mobile phones, the 2 terms technically refer to different devices. A mobile phone and a smartphone are both mobile devices you can use to call and send texts. That's about where a mobile phone stops, too, though some also feature a camera. A smartphone has all kinds of extra functionalities, like Internet access, the option of downloading apps, and a camera (that's often better). This gives you the option of answering emails via your phone and to share photos you take with your friends right away. Another difference is that mobile phones often have a physical keyboard, while smartphone keyboards are usually virtual.

What should i choose: a mobile phone or a smartphone?

what is a cell phone

The comparison between a smartphone and a mobile phone shows that a smartphone has more options, though this doesn't necessarily mean it's better than a mobile phone. Your preference determines which phone is the better option. Maybe you're looking for a straightforward phone to use for calls and texts, and don't need all those extra functions. The straightforwardness of a mobile phone can be very useful, just like the physical keyboard is convenient in use. If you want access to the Internet, want to download apps and take pictures, you'll likely prefer a smartphone.

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