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The differences between air coolers and portable air conditioners

It's hot, so you're looking to cool down. A regular fan doesn't blow away your sweat, so you decide to go for more heavy-duty equipment: you want to buy an air conditioner or air cooler. Suddenly, you begin to doubt. What is actually the difference between a portable air conditioner and an air cooler? Below, we'll explain what kind of cooling you may expect from a (portable) air conditioner and an air cooler.

The difference between portable air conditioners and air coolers

Portable air conditioner Air cooler
The temperature needs to go down 10 degrees Celsius? Yes No
You want to bring the temperature down by 3 degrees Celsius at most? No Yes
You want to set the desired temperature yourself. Yes No
The humidity in your room should go down. Yes No

Portable air conditioner vs air cooler

Portable air conditioner

At least 10 degrees cooler

On a portable air conditioner, you can set the desired room temperature yourself. The air conditioner will then do its job until it reaches this temperature.

Choose a portable air conditioner if:

  1. You want to reduce the room temperature by at least 10 degrees.
  2. You have the option of moving the exhaust hose outside.
  3. In addition to cooling, you also want to dehumidify and sometimes even heat.

A portable air conditioner cools the air using cooling agent and a heat pump. The cooling fluid extracts heat from the air. The cool air is blown into the room and the hot air goes out trough the drain hose. A portable air conditioner has wheels, allowing you to move it into another room easily. In addition to that, an air conditioner also works as a dehumidifier. Cold air contains less water vapor than hot air. The excess condensation is collected in the portable air conditioner's water container.

Air cooler

At most 3 degrees cooler

On an air cooler, you can't set the desired temperature. You can often adjust the ventilation setting, tough.

Choose an air cooler if:

  1. You want to reduce the room temperature with 3 degrees Celsius at most.
  2. You're looking for slightly more cooling than a fan offers.
  3. You want to humidify the space.

An air cooler looks like an air conditioner, but it's a completely different product, since it doesn't use cooling fluid, but cold water. Because of this, the room temperature (barely) drops, it's just the apparent temperature that goes down. The water vapor will also humidify the space, which means an air cooler doubles as a humidifier. In order to limit the humidity inside, we recommend opening a window while using the cooler.

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