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The differences between cheap and expensive trampolines

The knot is through: there will be a trampoline in the garden. Fantastic fun for the kids of course, but what does such a jumping device cost? If you look in our assortment, you will see that you already have 1 for 100 euros, but that you also get a tight 1,000 euro jumping experience. Clearly a case of 'you can make it as crazy as you want'. It is useful to know what exactly you get when you go for a more expensive trampoline compared to a lower priced. We explain a few things for you.

What is expensive?

'Expensive' is of course a relative concept. In the case of our trampolines, we spread it over the entire width of our range. If you look at the bottom, you will find the folding fitness trampolines and a number of step-in trampolines for the little ones. At the very top of the range are the real toppers: more than 4 meters wide, with stairways and safety net whoppers that fill many gardens for a good part.

 "Cheap" and "expensive" trampolines

Cheap trampolines


To spend € 200, -? Then there are dozens of products at Trampolinestore that you can choose from. It is often the smaller trampolines to a diameter of 2 meters that fall within this price range. Within this segment models can be found with and without a staircase or safety net, both round and square and both on legs and in digging.

Expensive trampolines


The deeper you feel in the pouch, the bigger the trampoline becomes. At first glance this seems the only thing that does a higher price with the possibilities within our range. The models are available in any price range in all forms, with all accessories and in different versions.


Protection for feet

We can say, however, that the expensive trampolines have thought about safety a little bit further. This is, for example, in a middle mark that ensures that you stay in the middle of all your enthusiasm and that you distribute the resilience neatly. Also, the more expensive trampoline is often equipped with a thicker, higher quality and wider edge that overlaps the iron frame and the springs so that feet really do not come in between. Finally, a ladder increases the ease of getting on and off.


... from the trampoline edge and the jumping mat

Trampoline pad

The materials of which the edge and jumping mat are made of course also determine with which maximum weight and how intensively can be jumped on a trampoline. Qualitatively you can not do much better than USA permatron when it comes to the jumping mat. If the mat does not consist of cheaper trampolines out of this material, then the rack can disappear more quickly. If we look at the trampoline edge, it generally applies that it is stronger and more durable as the filling is thicker and the size is between 26 and 40 centimeters.

... from the frame

Trampoline frame

How long a trampoline lasts, is mainly determined by the material and the finish of the different parts. For example, if the frame is galvanized instead of only powder-coated, it is rustproof and you do not have to drag the trampoline in with every shower. In addition, the tube thickness and weld seams tell you a lot about the durability of the frame. A thicker frame tube with the usually more expensive trampoline has a straight weld seam without extra metal plates. With thinner frame tubes of cheaper trampolines, extra metal plates are welded to the connector for extra strength.

 ... of the feathers

Trampoline springs

As far as material is concerned, the same applies to the springs as to the frame: galvanized springs are more durable than powder coated. The shape of the spring also increases: conical springs are conical and distribute the force better than straight springs. They also retain their resilience better. Finally, the attachment method of the springs is very important. Of course you do not want the feathers to easily shoot out of the frame. A straight connection ensures that the springs are securely clamped in the frame. When only a small circle serves as an opening, the spring can protrude more easily at the end without protection.


Trampoline accessories

The sun rises for nothing. Of course, all included accessories are included in the price. The more expensive the trampoline, the more accessories you can expect. You can think of a protective cover that protects the trampoline from weather influences that can cause rust or wear of the jumping mat. Or on a staircase to easily get on and off the trampoline. Other standard supplied accessories that can raise the price are safety nets and anchoring sets. Often accessories can be bought separately when not supplied as standard.

What do you pay attention to with a cheaper trampoline?

Are you going for a cheaper trampoline because it simply offers what you need or because your wallet does well? Or do you consciously opt for a trampoline for sporadic use that does not have to last for many years? Make sure that you get the maximum out of safety. Compare frame sizes and materials with each other so that you know for sure that your kids will fully enjoy your new acquisition. Play fun goes a long way, of course, but nothing beats safety.

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