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Dyson AM10 vs Stadler Form Oskar

Dyson and Stadler Form both manufacture design humidifiers. With Stadler Form or Dyson humidifiers, you'll ensure an optimal humidity in style. In this article, we'll compare 2 humidifiers from both brands. The Dyson AM10 and the Stadler Form Oskar are both popular humidifiers, yet they're very different. We'll explain the biggest differences.

In short

Which humidifier do you choose? Dyson AM10 Stadler Form Oskar
You want to increase the humidity quickly. Yes No
You want to humidify the space in a natural way. No Yes
You're looking for an energy-efficient humidifier. No Yes
You don't feel like having to replace filters. No Yes
You want the humidifier to switch on automatically at a specific time. Yes No
Budget plays a role in choosing a humidifier. No Yes
Dyson AM10

The appearance of the Dyson AM10

What you're used to from Dyson

We can be brief about the Dyson AM10's design. Dyson's first humidifier simply looks very good. The design is in line with that of the Dyson fans. It's on the large side, though, with a height of 57.9 centimeters. This is because of the part of the humidifier that blows out the mist.

Stadler Form Oskar

The appearance of the Stadler Form Oskar

Discrete design

Design was carefully considered in the case of the Stadler Form Oskar as well. The humidifier is shaped like a cube and is made of plastic. You don't see water in a tank because the cube is fully closed. People could easily mistake it for your stereo's subwoofer.

Dyson AM10

The Dyson AM10's humidifying technology

Ultrasonic humidification

The AM10 humidifies the room using ultrasonic humidification technology. That means it vaporizes the water with very small vibrations. Next, the humidifier will expel the air back into the room. An ultrasonic humidifier lets you reach the humidity percentage you want quickly.

Stadler Form Oskar

The Stadler Form Oskar's humidifying technology

Cold water vaporization

The Stadler Form Oskar is a cold water evaporator and works on a different principle than the Dyson AM10. This humidifier vaporizes water in a natural way; without vibrations or power. The humidifier doesn't blow out visible water vapor into the air. That's why it takes a cold water evaporator a little longer to reach the desired humidity.

Water reservoir

Filling the Dyson AM10's water tank

Detachable water tank

The water tank is located on the fan part of the humidifier. You can easily detach this part from the humidifier. Next, you remove the water tank from the base using the red handle. That means you can easily carry the water tank to the kitchen. Simply twist open the cap, fill it, and put it back. The tank holds 3 liters.

Fill with a watering can

Filling the Stadler Form Oskar's water tank

Fill with a water can

The Stadler Form Oskar doesn't have a detachable water tank. You fill it using a water can or cup via a lid on the side of the humidifier. A water can with a small spout works best because the lid isn't very big. The Oskar's tank holds 3.5 liters of water.

Dyson AM10

Extra functions of the Dyson AM10

Complete with remote

What makes the Dyson special, is that it uses ultraviolet light to destroy 99 percent of bacteria in the water. The Dyson AM10 also works as a fan in addition to being a humidifier. That means you can also use it in summer. In addition, it has a timer and humidistat. The humidistat measures the humidity and switches on the appliance when the humidity is lower than the level you've set. The humidifier also comes with a remote.


Extra functions of the Stadler Form Oskar

Silent and energy-efficient

The Stadler Form Oskar works very silently and is also energy-efficient. Thanks to the night mode, you can also turn it on at night. It'll be extra silent and dim its LEDs. You can also easily add a few drops of fragrance oil to the tank. That way, the humidifier will also distribute a lovely scent throughout the room. The integrated humidistat switches on the humidifier when it measures a humidity percentage that's too low.


Are you looking for a humidifier with lots of extras that'll quickly get the room to a higher humidity percentage? In that case, the Dyson AM10 is a suitable humidifier for you. The only downside is that it's quite pricy. On the other hand, you won't have to replace filters like you would have to for the Stadler Form Oskar. If you're planning not to spend a lot of money but still want a design humidifier, then the Stadler Form Oskar is your best choice. It doesn't even look like a humidifier, so it's very discreet. Stadler Form also offers multiple options in its Oskar range. There's for instance the Stadler Form Oskar Little for smaller surfaces up to 30 square meters and the Stadler Form Oskar Big for larger surfaces up to as much as 100 square meters.

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