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Eastpak vs Herschel

When you live, work and play in the city, a backpack is an item that you can not live without. Where high school students used to opt for an Eastpak backpack, a new issue has arisen with the arrival of Herschel. Are you going for an Eastpak or a Herschel backpack? In this article I look at what are the differences between the 2 brands. By making clear what the brands are and what they characterize, I hope you find out which brand suits you best.

Formula to success


In 1967, Eastpak started making backpacks, and you still see them all around you. In the schoolyard, at work or in the gym. Just check with yourself how many friends have an Eastpak backpack. Right. In other words: Eastpak backpacks are happy. The brand puts its bags in a new jacket every season by adding cool prints and bright colors to the collection. This way you can get the Padded Pak'r in no less than 89 versions. So you never actually miss the mark. Did you know that there is even an Eastpak Artist Studio? Here, leading creatives, classic Eastpak bags turn into true works of art.

Do you know that..

The success of Eastpak started when Goldman, the founder of Eastpak, made backpacks especially for the US Army? This explains the firm quality of the backpacks.


When you walk through the city you see the Herschel bags popping up everywhere. You recognize the backpacks by their vintage look and the natural colors. Behind these hip appearances are a lot of useful features hidden. This way you have the recognizable leather straps. These are easily opened and closed with a magnetic closure. When you decide to go for a Herschel bag, you can choose from a variety of models and formats. So you have the classic bags like the Herschel Little America and the Dawson, but also contemporary ones like the Herschel City. No matter how many different models you have, you recognize from thousands that it is a Herschel. And that is just the strength of the brand.

Do you know that..

The brand Herschel was founded 7 years ago by the brothers Cormack, and that the name Herschel refers to the Canadian village where the 2 come from ?

For who?


In the first instance, the Eastpak backpacks were designed for the so-called 'rebels without a cause', or pupils with a unique view on life. Because the people in the big cities, or as Eastpak calls it 'the street fashion scene' became increasingly enthusiastic about the backpacks, the target group is quickly adapted. Eastpak now focuses on pupils, students and workers who are sporting and have a busy life. Because of the sturdy polyester, Eastpak backpacks with no possibility to get a piece. Whether you use the backpack to go to school, work or the gym, you are assured in any case that you are walking around for years.


When you look around you when you walk through the city, you see that authenticity is of paramount importance. When the founders of Herschel came to the city from the Canadian village of Herschel, they saw that it was important to show yourself. A trendy Herschel backpack you buy because you are away from the vintage designs, besides that the backpacks are of course very handy and you can take anywhere. Whether you go to work, or take a drink after a busy day. And since you can get the stylish bags in all shapes and sizes, you will show your favorite item when you appear on your favorite terrace with a Herschel.




Eastpak bags are ideal for going to school or to work. The backpacks are known for their simple designs. For example, the classic Padded Pak'r only has a main compartment and a front pocket. Not too much fuss. In the main compartment you have enough space for some books or your sports equipment, and in the front pocket you put your wallet and keys. Nice and clear. With the Eastpak Out of Office you take your laptop in the padded laptop compartment to the library or to your work. Do you go to the gym after a day at school or work? Then go for a somewhat larger version such as the Eastpak Floid or the Provider. These bags have handy pockets and with the compression straps you can easily make the bags bigger and smaller. Whatever Eastpak backpack you go for, one thing is certain: you have at least a sturdy one that is easy to use.



What is hidden behind the trendy fabrics and the brown straps of the Herschel backpacks will amaze you. And I'm not just talking about the recognizable red and white striped interior. The Canadian brand takes inspiration from backpacks used by mountaineers. With these backpacks, ease-of-use is number 1. In this way you can open and close the Herschel Little America and the Herschel Retreat in no time thanks to the cord and the magnetic closures. And because the Herschel backpacks have a reinforced bottom, you put them on the ground with confidence in the train. Want to listen to music on the way to the station? Different models such as the Herschel Settlement and the Pop Quiz have a handy media compartment for your smartphone, with an output for your ears. Herschel really focuses on the details and just those small extras that increase ease of use.


This article will hopefully give you more insight into the differences between the brands Eastpak and Herschel. Nevertheless, the choice for which brand you are going depends for a large part on your feeling. So, before purchasing a backpack, check with yourself what you find important. Do you want a backpack with various useful features, such as a padded inside or a media compartment? In that case I would recommend going for a Herschel backpack. With a Herschel backpack you can easily relax on a fancy terrace in the city. Do you find it important to have a backpack where you are assured that you will be walking around for years? He can not be broken? And can you always and everywhere? In that case I would choose an Eastpak.

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