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Which muscles do I train on an elliptical?

You won't only need to use weights to train your muscles. You can also train your muscles with fitness equipment. When working out on an elliptical, you even use almost all your muscles. That's because your entire body is moving on this fitness appliance. Whether you're exercising at a high resistance or at a high speed, a workout like this is intense for your muscles. Which muscles are they exactly? You'll read more about it in this article.

1. Back, shoulder, and arm muscles

Elliptical for back, shoulder, and arm muscles

During a workout on the elliptical, you're moving forwards and backwards. You push and pull the grips while doing this. No more chicken fillets for you, because you'll need your arm muscles a lot for this pushing and pulling motion. You'll work out both your upper arms and your forearms on the elliptical. In addition, you're also putting your back and shoulder muscles to work when moving the grips forwards and backwards. It's not unusual to feel soreness in these muscles after a high-resistance or high-speed workout.

2. Ab muscles

Elliptical for abs

When exercising on the elliptical, stability and proper posture are important. For this, you'll constantly need to contract your abs. When your back starts to act up during an elliptical workout, that's a sign your posture is worsening. When that happens, focus mainly on keeping your abs contracted.

3. Glutes and leg muscles

Elliptical for leg muscles and glutes

The movement you make on the elliptical requires you to stretch your legs out and retract them again. In addition, you'll need to apply force to the pedals to get a forward movement. While making these muscles, you activate the muscles in your upper legs, hamstrings, and calves. Your glutes, too, are lightly activated. You can also choose to move backwards on the elliptical. This movement mostly stresses your glutes.

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