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Elliptical or treadmill?

You want to buy a fitness device for the home. Now you are not sure what it will be. Cycling or rowing does not seem like a thing to you. You are looking for a device where your entire body is moving. Soon you will end up with a cross trainer or a treadmill. Below I explain the difference between these 2 fitness machines to make your choice easier.

In short


  • Suitable for beginners and holidaymakers
  • Workout for upper and lower body
  • Forward and backward movement possible
  • Offers relatively little challenge
  • Suitable for injuries
  • Heart rate measurement with hand pulse sensors
  • Take up relatively little space


  • Suitable for beginners, recreational users and experienced athletes
  • Workout for your lower body
  • Only move forward possible
  • Offers a lot of challenge
  • Not suitable for injuries
  • Heart rate measurement difficult via hand pulse sensors, but optional via chest strap
  • Takes a lot of space



The cross trainer is suitable for you if you prefer to go for a full body workout. You train in addition to your legs, also your arms because the handles move with the crosstrainer. In addition, it is also suitable for beginning athletes because the movement is fairly simple. You decide for yourself what your speed is and how heavy your training will be. You can also move backwards to train your gluteal muscles. Because the strain on your joints is not that great and your body remains stable thanks to the handles and pedals, the device is also suitable for the elderly or people who are rehabilitating. A cross trainer also takes up relatively little space when he is rear driven.

  • Full body workout
  • Little strain on your joints
  • Less challenging because only 1 type of movement is possible



The treadmill is suitable for people who are physically fit, because the load on your joints is quite large. You also have to like running or like to train your lower body. You also have to love the challenge. On the treadmill you determine on the basis of programs what your speed is during the training. The programs also determine your incline. Of course you can ease or speed up your speed and incline during the workout, but with the programs you are constantly challenging yourself. To stay stable during the workout, you have to contract a lot of muscles, which demands more from your body. In addition, a treadmill takes up quite a lot of space. There are treadmills that have 1 folding side, so you can easily store them.

  • Offers a lot of challenge
  • 3 possible movements: walking, jogging and running
  • Tax on your joints is quite large

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