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5 common error messages on a Pentax SLR camera

Does your Pentax SLR camera display an error message? In this article, you can find solutions for the 5 most common error messages.

Error 1: F error message

The error message indicates you've set up the aperture manually and the camera can't take a picture with these settings. Change the settings or use the automatic mode to take a picture.

Error 2: Card Locked error message

This message inidicates your SD card is locked. You can resolve this taking the SD card from your camera. You'll find a cover at the edge of your SD card. Push it up or down, depending on its current position, and put it back in the slot.

Error 3: A90 error message

This message indicates an electronic issue. You can resolve this by updating your camera with the latest firmware. You can find this on the Pentax website.

Error 4: Card Not Formatted error message

This message indicates the SD card isn't formatted. This can be resolved by formatting the SD card in your camera. Go to the setup menu and choose format to format your SD card.

Error 5: Not Enough Battery Power error message

This message indicates the battery isn't sufficiently charged for the selected function. To solve this, charge the battery.

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