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5 common error messages on a Sony SLR camera

Your Sony SLR camera can display error messages. You can easily fix it yourself. In this article you will get solutions for the 5 most common error messages.

Error 1: Card error error message

This message indicates the SD card isn't formatted. This can be resolved by formatting the SD card in your camera. Go to the setup menu and choose format to format your SD card.

Error 2: No memory card inserted. Shutter is locked error message

This message shows the camera when there is no memory card in the camera. Correct this by putting a memory card in the camera.

Error 3: No lens attached. Shutter is locked error message

You get this message when the lens is not properly mounted on the camera. You solve this by turning off the camera. Remove the lens and put it back on again. Then turn on your camera again.

Error 4: System error error message

This is a general report. This can be remedied by turning the camera off and removing the battery and SD card. Wait 20 minutes. The camera can now degenerate. Plug the battery and SD card back and turn on your camera.

Error 5: Camera overheating error message

You can get this message when you are working in continuous mode or when you are filming. This message indicates that the camera has become too hot. This is solved by turning off the camera and waiting 15 minutes.

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