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Everything on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

In August 2019, Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. This was the first Note series to include multiple versions. In addition to the Note 10, Samsung also launched the larger and more powerful Note 10 Plus. On top of that, they launched the Note 10 Lite in January 2020. This model has the largest battery, but is less powerful than the other Note 10 models. All 3 models include the S Pen, which lets you quickly take notes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

256GB storage capacity | 6.3-inch Full HD display | Android 9.0 Pie
no longer available
  • You can take a sharp photo in every situation with the 3 different cameras.
  • You can easily use your phone for a day without having to recharge it, thanks to the energy-efficient battery.
  • Watch videos and photos on the large, 6.3-inch Full HD screen
  • You can't expand the memory with an SD card.
  • The Note 10 doesn't have a time or flight sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

256GB storage capacity | 6.8-inch Quad HD screen | Android 9.0 Pie
no longer available
  • Watch your favorite movies and series in high quality on the huge, 6.8-inch Quad HD screen.
  • Thanks to the large 4300 mAh battery, you can use your phone for a day and a half without having to recharge it.
  • You can easily switch between various demanding apps, thanks to the powerful processor and the 12GB RAM.
  • Because it has a large 6.8-inch screen, the Note 10 Plus won't fit in everyone's hand or pocket.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite

128GB storage capacity | 6.7-inch Full HD screen | Android 10
no longer available

+Thanks to the large 4500mAh battery, you don’t have to recharge the Note 10 during the day.

  • The large 6.7-inch Full HD screen provides plenty of screen space for movies, series, and games.
  • The standard, wide-angle, and telephoto lens ensure that you can take beautiful photos in every situation.
  • Due to the 6GB RAM and Exynos 9810 processor, this model isn’t as fast and powerful as the the Note 10 and Note 10 Lite.
  • The Note 10 Lite can’t be charged wirelessly.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series: large screens, powerful devices

Samsung Note 10

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The Samsung Note 10 has a large 6.3-inch Full HD screen. The 3500mAh battery isn't very large and doesn't last as long as the other models in the series. In addition to a 12-megapixel standard camera, the Note 10 has a wide-angle and a telephoto lens. You can use these to capture large buildings and to zoom in far. Unlike with the Note 10 models, you can't expand the 256GB storage.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

The 6.8-inch Quad HD screen of the Note 10 Plus isn't just larger, but also sharper than that of the Note 10. The 4300mAh battery lasts a lot longer as well. On top of that, it can be charged to 70% in only half an hour thanks to the included 25W fast charger. It takes 70 minutes to fully charge the device. The Note 10 Plus has 12GB RAM and an Exynos 9825 processor. That's why it's the most powerful model in the series.

Note 10 Lite

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite

The S10 Lite has a 6.7-inch Full HD screen and is medium-sized compared to the other models. What is striking is that the Lite has the largest battery of the 3 models, a 4500mAh battery. Thanks to 6GB RAM and the Exynos 9810 processor, the S10 Lite is relatively fast but not as powerful as the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. On top of that, the model has a plastic casing that's less stylish. It also isn’t waterproof and can’t be charged wirelessly.

Compare the Note 10 Lite to the S10 Lite

Difference note 10 lite s10 lite

Along with the Note 10 Lite, Samsung also launched the Galaxy S10 Lite. This device is another version of the Samsung S10. You get your money's worth with the Note 10 Lite as well as with the S10 Lite. Still, there are some differences. For example, the Note 10 Lite has better cameras, but the S10 Lite is more powerful overall.

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