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What exercise bike is suitable for the elderly?

If you have difficulty walking or suffer from injuries, you naturally prefer to exercise in a safe and controlled environment. An exercise bike offers a good solution. It lets you easily exercise at home and control the resistance and speed yourself. Below, you can read why it's important to choose an exercise bike with low pedals, ergometer, and adjustable saddle in this situation.

Low pedals

Exercise bike low pedals

When you get older, you often lose a bit of mobility. That can make it harder to get on or off an exercise bike. Exercise bikes with low pedals takes that into account. Because the pedals are lower, you don't have to lift your legs very far in order to get them on the pedals. That means less pressure on joints and muscles. After your workout, you can easily get off the exercise machine.


Exercise bike ergometer

An exercise bike with ergometer function lets you train based on wattage. This means that you can see how much power you're generating at that moment. An ergometer lets you adjust how heavy you want your workout to be exactly. That way, you can train specifically for your needs and be sure that you're workout isn't too light or too heavy. That prevents you from overexerting yourself. By giving your body the right level of resistance, it becomes easier to improve your stamina.

Adjustable saddle

Exercise bike adjustable saddle

When cycling, it's important to maintain a correct posture. You wouldn't want to suffer an injury as a result of bad posture. The best posture can be achieved on a saddle that can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. That way, you can adjust the distance to the pedals as well as the bars. A comfortable posture also ensures that you stay motivated to exercise.

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