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Expert review of the AEG BSE682020M

The AEG BSE682020M is a built-in combi steam oven that focuses on user-friendliness. The core thermometer helps me prepare meat, while the steam function make it a lot easier to put a healthy meal on the table. I will be needing the manual for a while, since the symbols on the touchscreen aren't really clear from the start.

In short

Built-in oven, 60cm high | With fan oven, steaming, and grill functions | Hydrolyse: partially self-cleaning
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  • The core thermometer lets you make large meat and fish dishes extra cooked and tender.
  • The steam function enhances the flavor of the food and is easy to use.
  • With 25 automatic programs, there's a right setting for every dish.
  • The food will no longer be dry after you reheat it, thanks to the regeneration oven function.
  • Without a text display, it's hard to tell the many options apart.

First impression

First impression AEG BSE682020M

The first thing I notice about the AEG BSE682020M are the touch symbols you use to control the oven. Since the oven doesn't have any dials, you can instantly see the many options it has. Unfortunately, it's not instantly clear what each symbol means. I can't wait to try them all out.

Core thermometer

Core thermometer AEG BSE682020M

AEG promises 'perfect results' with the core thermometer. You stick the core thermometer into the middle of the piece of meat or fish. To get good results, you need 2 temperatures: the oven temperature and the dish's core temperature. All you have to do then is wait until the oven gives off a signal to tell you that the right core temperature's been reached. After trying it out, my steak did indeed come out exactly the way I wanted.

Easy cooking with the steam function

Steam function AEG BSE682020M

I didn't really know how I'd feel about the steam function, but after trying it out for the first time, I'm hooked. My vegetables are a lot tastier and the broccoli is brighter green and even looks healthier. It's also a lot easier than cooking or stir-frying everything. I fill the water tray with water, slide my dish into the oven, and adjust all the settings. The oven will automatically indicate when the steam time's over. It'll give me some time for myself while it's cooking.

Many options with 25 automatic programs

Automatic programs AEG BSE682020M

The oven has 25 automatic programs that help you prepare a dish. It's ideal if you've never made a poached fish or quiche, like me. The oven automatically sets the right time and temperature. AEG's website features a recipe book with several dishes that fit the automatic programs. The only downside here is that since the oven doesn't have any text on the display, you'll have to search through the manual at first to find out which program does what.

No longer dry thanks to regeneration function

Regeneration function AEG BSE682020M

At my home, our working hours don't really line up properly, so we often need to reheat the food. I never look forward to the reheating, since the food becomes dryer and sometimes loses its taste. The regeneration oven function makes dry reheated meals a thing of the past. The steam prevents the surface from drying out, and I instantly notice the difference. It's also very convenient when I'm having a dinner party with friends and I've already prepared everything in the morning.


Built-in oven, 60cm high | With fan oven, steaming, and grill functions | Hydrolyse: partially self-cleaning
in stock

Looking for an oven that makes cooking a little easier? Look no further than the AEG BSE682020M. With the steam function, 25 automatic programs, and the regeneration oven function, you'll always put a delicious meal on the table. Even large pieces of meat will no longer fail, thanks to the core thermometer. It does take a while before you've familiarized yourself with the programs and symbols, so make sure to keep the manual nearby at first.

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