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Expert review of the AEG FSE63806P

The AEG FSE63806P is one of the few dishwashers with a lower rack with lifting function. Is this ComfortLift technology really as convenient as AEG suggests? I tried it out and I'm surprised. I can load and unload the dishwasher without bending over. Nice! Pushing the empty lower rack is a little harder than I expected, though.

In short

Built-in dishwasher (fully integrated) | Suitable for a niche height of 82-90cm | A+++ energy label | Noise level 44dB
no longer available
  • Easy loading and unloading with the ComfortLift lower rack and removable cutlery tray.
  • Very dry dishes thanks to the AirDry technology.
  • Completely cleans my dishes, even when the dishwasher's too full.
  • Pushing back the empty ComfortLift lower rack takes some force.
  • Plastic containers are dryer, but not completely dry after the dishwasher's done.

First impression

Dishwasher door with program icons

When I open the dishwasher, I notice that the interior looks sturdy. This is mainly because of the stainless-steel handles and tub that tell me that it's been made from high-quality materials. The control panel is built into the dishwasher's door. All 8 programs are clearly indicated and the most important extra options, such as extra hygiene or time saving, speak for themselves. I don't get all the icons right away, but the manual helps with that.

Unloading without bending over

ComfortLift lower rack AEG

The bottom rack is a ComfortLift tray. This AEG lower rack rises when I pull it out and press the handle at the same time. That way I don't need to bend over while loading and unloading the dishwasher, and I like this comfort. A heavy, loaded lower rack automatically retracts with a push of the handle. If you have a bad back, the ComfortLift lower rack is perfect for you. The only downside is that pushing an empty lower rack back takes some effort.

Extra dry dishes

AirDry AEG

At the end of the program, the dishwasher's door opens by about 10 centimeters. AEG calls this AirDry, and this technology works as follows. When you open the door, the warm, moist air escapes while cold, dry air flows into the dishwasher. AEG promises that the dishes will be completely dry this way. I tried it out. The result? Very dry plates and cups. My plastic Tupperware container is definitely dryer than usual. And I'll take those few little droplets for granted.

Clean with (extra-)full load

Full dishwasher

As dishwasher expert, I know that you shouldn't completely fill up a dishwasher to get the best results. However, I still do it. And honestly, I think a lot of other people do too. AEG cleverly deals with this with the extra and rotating spray arm, because the water reaches every corner of the dishwasher. After completing the dishwashing program, my extra-full load is clean.

Extra glass protection

Softspikes and Softgrips from AEG

I'm usually a little hesitant about washing wine glasses in the dishwasher. For some reason they often seem to fall over. But I'm still convinced my glasses are safe in this AEG dishwasher, because the upper rack contains rubber softgrips that fully enclose the leg of the glass. The downside is that my tall wine glasses don't fit. AEG sells a glass rack for tall wine glasses, but it's not included by default.

Removable cutlery tray

Removable cutlery tray AEG

It's remarkable how much AEG's taken user-friendliness into consideration when designing the AEG FSE63806P. I already mentioned the ComfortLift lower rack, but I also think the removable cutlery tray is useful. With most dishwashers, the cutlery tray is fixed. With the AEG FSE63806P, I can pick it up and unload it while standing next to my cutlery drawer on the other side of the kitchen. That way I won't have to keep walking back and forth.


Built-in dishwasher (fully integrated) | Suitable for a niche height of 82-90cm | A+++ energy label | Noise level 44dB
no longer available

In my opinion, the AEG FSE63806P scores high marks when it comes to user-friendliness. With ComfortLift, I can easily raise the lower rack to load and unload it without having to bend over. The only thing that requires some force is pushing the empty lower rack back down. The removable cutlery tray and the fact that I can clean a lot of dishes in 1 go also make this dishwasher user-friendly.

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