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Expert review of the AEG L8FB86ES

The AEG L8FB86ES is one of the most energy-efficient washing machines at the moment. I have heard that the steam function promises less ironing and the ÖKOMix technology prevents detergent stains and ensures a fresh-smelling wash. I do have to push the detergent drawer to close it properly. Whether this washing machine delivers all of this? You can read that in my review.

In short

  • The steam function gently steams the laundry for less ironing afterwards.
  • With an energy class of A+++-50%, this is one of the most economical washing machines at the moment.
  • ÖKOMix technology dissolves the detergent or fabric softener in water in advance, so that it spreads better over your laundry.
  • The detergent drawer sometimes needs an extra push to close.
  • The touch buttons must sometimes be pressed twice before they work.

First impression

AEG washing machine display

When the washing machine is in place, I notice how luxurious it looks. The control button is partly made of stainless steel. It feels a lot stronger than the average plastic dial. The eco button shows the most economical washing program. Because the washing machine is extremely energy efficient with energy class A+++-50%, you save 50% more energy with this program than with an A+++ model. ÖKOMix is on the detergent drawer. I am curious what this will do for my washing.

Nice and fresh with ÖKOMix

AEG ÖKOMix washing machine

The ÖKOMix technology first mixes the detergent and/or fabric softener with the water so that it spreads better. In my case, this would mean that the fabric softener should be easy to smell on all items of clothing. I put it to the test and test it in 3 different washing cycles. It doesn't disappoint me: all items of clothing smell fresh.

Less ironing with the steam function

AEG washing machine steaming function

The steam function promises a lot less ironing. With the push of a button, you can add it to every washing cycle. Although each cycle takes an average of 25 minutes longer, this means that I spend a lot less time ironing. When I take out the laundry, I immediately see the difference. Only at the lower edges of t-shirts and blouses do I see some creases.

Less itching with the anti-allergy cycle

AEG washing machine anti-allergies

The anti-allergy cycle ensures that no pet hairs, pollen, or dust mites are left in your clothing. This cycle has a standard temperature of 60 degrees and washes for a few minutes at an even higher temperature. With the additional rinsing, all the last detergent residues disappear. I myself do not suffer from allergens, but when you do, this is a good outcome.

Touch buttons sometimes do not work completely

AEG washing machine display

Because I sort my laundry, I usually have smaller loads of laundry. As a result, I often choose to save time. To activate this, I have to press the 'save time' button twice. This is sometimes a hassle because the washing machine does not always register when you push the button. It often happens that I have to press 4 times before the device sets up the time saving.


If you hate ironing, then the AEG L8FB86ES is highly recommended. The steam function makes a washing cycle a little longer, but on the other hand, you have a lot less ironing. The ÖKOMix technology ensures a soft and fresh smelling wash. You can see that the washing machine is energy efficient, especially in your wallet. Keep in mind that the touch buttons do not always work well!

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