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Expert review AEG QX9-1-ALRG

The predecessor, the AEG QX8, came out as best tested in the television program Radar. This made me extra curious about its successor, the new AEG QX9-ALRG. This one has multiple accessoires, LED lighting in the suction brush, and the clean brush roll function. How I felt about it? I tried it out for a few weeks.


With built-in handheld vacuum | Vacuum for 60 minutes | Suitable for pet hairs
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  • Thanks to the rotating brushes of the mini turbo brush, you can also easily remove pet hairs from furniture.
  • The stick vacuum is very versatile in use thanks to the handheld vacuum that you disconnect from the handle.
  • The LED lighting on the suction brush improves visibility in dark places, such as under the bed or the couch.
  • There's only room to store one of the included accessories in the vacuum.

First impression

There it is, the newest, and most comprehensive QX9 stick vacuum in this series. I open the box, and find a perfectly streamlined vacuum with white and gold details. When I open the box, I find the following:

  • Stick
  • Handheld vacuum
  • Dust collector
  • Floor attachment
  • Mini turbo brush
  • Soft dusting brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Charging dock

Right away, I see the vacuum is only made out of a few parts. I get the floor attachment, click it onto the stick, and 'put' the handheld vacuum on the stick. I hear it click, and it's attached. This was easy!

Fast and easy charge

Charging dock

Before trying the vacuum, I charge it. This is important for calibrating the battery. The charging dock is a floor station, consisting of two parts and a charger. These easily click into each other as well. I put the connector into the socket, and the vacuum into the charging dock. You'll hear a little beep, the lights showing the battery life will flash, and the LED strip on the suction brush will give a kick. It is charging. How convenient! The battery is fully charged after 5 hours, and I can start.

First round


Here we go. On top of the stick, you'll find a power button and a button to regulate the suction power. It has 3 settings. I take the stick out of the charging station, and switch it on. The motor is located at the bottom of the stick, which shows. The stick vacuum is easy to move around and very lightweight. I go around the living room, and vacuum both the tiles and the carpet. The rotating bristles make it ideal for vacuuming the carpet and other fabrics. I easily deep-clean my carpet, and put the vacuum back into the charging dock.

Easy in use

Handheld vacuum

The AEG QX9 features a parking mode, a detachable handheld vacuum, and LED lighting in the suction brush. These 3 practical additions make vacuuming even easier. It shows that they really looked into the usage situation of the customer. Why this brings me so much joy? It only takes me a second to change my vacuum into a handheld vacuum, and I easily put it down when I want to move furniture while vacuuming. And also, the lit floor attachment. It makes sure I don't miss a single piece of dust, especially in the darker places.


Included accessories

The AEG QX9-ALRG includes a mini turbo brush, a soft dusting brush, and a crevice tool. Most accessories are only suitable for the handheld vacuum part. The crevice tool is the only one that you can attach to the stick. I use this to remove spider webs from the ceiling, for example. With the handheld vacuum, I use both the soft dusting brush and the mini turbo brush. Also, I use the dusting brush to clean my wooden desk without damaging the table. When I clean the couch or the interior of my car, I use the mini turbo brush.

Brush Roll Clean function

Brush Roll Clean function

A big frustration with the use of the rotating brushes is the hairs that pile up in the floor attachment. Normally, you have to clean these hairs yourself. But AEG invented the Brush Roll Clean function. There is a button on the floor attachment. If you press this button, the vacuum will switch on, and a tiny blade will come out of the floor attachment. This blade detaches all the hairs and other things that are stuck in the floor attachment, and the vacuum sucks it up right away. I'm very happy with this, because it saves me a dusty task.


With built-in handheld vacuum | Vacuum for 60 minutes | Suitable for pet hairs
in stock

The AEG QX9-ALRG stick vacuum lives up to the expectations that come with the price tag. I'm really happy with the included charging dock, the suction power, and the maneuverability of the vacuum. The noise level is low as well. I'm pleased to see that AEG really looked into the usage situation of the customer. If I have to name one downside, it's the dust collector. It's relatively small, and not easy to empty. In the end, I find it a very practical vacuum, which delivers great results.

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