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Expert review of the AEG T8DE84EW

I can put my favorite woolen sweater and silk blouse in the AEG T8DE84EW without having to worry. The drum gives every type of laundry a different treatment thanks to its AbsoluteCare technology. This means that the drum rotates at a different pace with each cycle. Depending on the type of drying cycle, my clothes do sometimes come out of the dryer feeling a little damp. You can read my extensive review here.

In short

Heat pump dryer | 8kg load capacity | Energy label A++ | Build quality: top-notch
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  • The AbsoluteCare system adjusts the speed of the drum to my type of laundry.
  • The dryer uses little energy thanks to the low drying temperature.
  • The drum lighting turns on when you open the door.
  • With the cupboard dry feature, the laundry sometimes feels slightly damp.
  • Some drying cycles take a long time.

First impression

Display AEG T8DE84EW

When I look at the display, my eyes immediately notice the different drying cycles. I notice that almost every program is relevant to me. I mostly dry cotton, sportswear, and bedding, but I also have wool and silk laundry, for example. I turn the round dial a bit, which goes very smoothly. When I open the drum door, the lighting turns on immediately. Wow, that's nice. I'll take a closer look at that later.

Dry safely with AbsoluteCare

AbsoluteCare system

The most important technique is the AbsoluteCare system, with which you also dry your delicate clothes safely. First I test a cotton shirt, where I don't notice anything special in terms of speed. Then I put a silk blouse in the drum. This turns slowly left and right, so that the fabric wrinkles less. With the wool program that I turn on below, the drum turns faster. My wet sweater presses flat against the drum wall and therefore does not stretch. The fabric is just as soft.

Different drying results

Drought degree AEG T8DE84EW

With the touch buttons on the display I set the degree of drought myself. This function is only possible with the cotton and synthetic laundry programs. I have a choice of 4 drying results: iron dry, cupboard dry, cupboard dry + and extra dry. I'm curious about the difference. After I have tested everything, I notice that only cupboard dry + and extra dry give a really dry result. But these programs take quite a long time in my opinion. Due to the low drying temperature of the heat pump dryer, I use less energy.

Subtle drum lighting

Drum lighting dryer

I noticed the drum lighting in the beginning; I was immediately enthusiastic. The LED lighting comes on immediately when the drum door is opened. This way you will not overlook laundry. Handy if you place the dryer in a dark corner or if you take your clothes out of the drum in the evening. The lighting is subtle. I see exactly enough, but I don't wake anyone up at night when I open the drum door.

Maintenance is not too bad

Fluff filter AEG tumble dryer

Of course I am curious if the tumble dryer needs a lot of maintenance. The answer: no, that's not too bad. The fluffs from your laundry enter the fluff filter during drying. You pull this filter up smoothly and sit at the drum opening. After each cycle, clean both sides of the filter with a damp cloth. If the filter is full, empty it. You clean the condenser every six months with a vacuum cleaner brush. A special light will blink when it is time again.


Heat pump dryer | 8kg load capacity | Energy label A++ | Build quality: top-notch
in stock

Would I recommend the heat pump dryer to a friend? Yes, certainly. With AbsoluteCare you also dry all your delicate laundry. The tumble dryer dries at a low temperature, which is better for your clothes, your energy bill and the environment. The low drying temperature ensures that some programs take a long time. If you mainly dry at night this is not a problem. I do recommend to use the cupboard dry + option with your cotton laundry. That way you know for sure that your laundry is dry enough.

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