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Expert review Apple TV 4K 64GB

The media player of Apple, the Apple TV, is available with 4K resolution. With the Apple TV 4K, you enjoy your favorite documentaries and movies in high quality. Thanks to the HDR, the colors pop on your television screen. I tested the Apple TV 4K 64GB for you. In this article, I'll tell you what I think about the media player.

Apple TV 4K 64GB

4K (3840 x 2160) | Suitable for Netflix, iTunes, and Apple Music | App for iOS
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  • With a storage capacity of 64GB, you have enough storage for all your photos, videos, and games.
  • Thanks to the 4K HDR resolution, you can watch movies and photos in Ultra High Definition quality.
  • Apple TV 4K supports many apps, such as Netflix, iCloud, and Thuisbezorgd.
  • You can only enjoy the 4K resolution and HDR with a television that supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision. You also need a HDMI 2.0 cable to connect Apple TV 4K with.
  • An HDMI cable isn't included to connect Apple TV 4K to your television.

First impression of the Apple TV 4K 64GB

Apple TV 4K first impression

While unboxing the Apple TV, I see that the Apple TV box is a lot smaller than I expected. Inside, I find the Apple TV 4K 64GB, the Siri Remote, a Lightning to USB-A cable, and a power cable. An HDMI cable to connect Apple TV isn't included. I look for an HDMI 2.0 cable and connect the Apple TV to my 4K television. The included short manual helps me to set up the Apple TV.


Apple TV 4K 64GB design

The Apple TV 4K doesn't look out of place in my open TV cabinet. The box has a matte black top and high gloss sides. The Siri Remote has the same finish, the touch surface on the remote is matte black. The back of the remote is made of aluminum. The box looks exactly like its predecessor. The only difference that I see on the exterior, is the active fan on the bottom of the box. I don't hear it when the Apple TV is switched on.

Resolution and sound

Apple TV 4K 64GB resolution sound

This Apple TV model supports 4K resolution, which is suggested by its name. This means that 3840 by 2160 pixels work hard to create the sharpest image possible. This is 4 times sharper than HD resolution. I can adjust the settings of Apple TV 4K to set the resolution I prefer. The media player also supports HDR, which makes the colors of my favorite series look even clearer and more natural on my television. You need a television that supports 4K to fully enjoy 4K resolution.


Apple TV 4K 64GB functions

The Siri Remote offers a lot of possibilities. I use the touch surface to navigate easily through the apps. The dictation function is useful. I dictate the name of a restaurant in the Thuisbezorgd app without having to type all individual letters. The A10x Fusion chip inside the Apple TV 4K makes it possible to enjoy games of Apple Arcade. The games don't get stuck often. The chip also makes it possible to quickly switch between apps. It's easy to look through my vacation photos on my television via AirPlay.


Apple TV 4K 64GB storage

With a storage capacity of 64GB, this Apple media player has the most space. I don't have to worry about having enough storage capacity when saving all my favorite apps, movies, series, and playlists. Especially since the operating system of Apple TV, tvOS, also takes up some storage capacity, 64GB gives me enough space to store my own photos and videos as well.


Apple TV 4K connectors

The Apple TV 4K has 3 ports to connect cables. The first port is for the included power cable. After, I use an HDMI cable to connect the media player to my television. The Apple TV also has a Gigabit Ethernet port. I connect an internet cable to this port to make sure my games load extra fast. I'm now sure to finish all games in Apple Arcade without slowing down.


Thanks to the 64GB storage capacity, I could easily download all the apps from the App Store to the Apple TV when testing it. I even had space left. The high 4K resolution is a lot sharper than the Apple TV HD. Thanks to the HDR support of the Apple TV 4K, the colors are clear and sharp. I used the Siri Remote to let Siri find the right movie for me. The Apple TV 4K 64GB is definitely worth it if you don't have a smart TV or when you have a smart TV that doesn't support Apple TV.

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