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Expert review Apple Watch Series 6

With the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple is bringing various new functions to the smartwatch. The Apple Watch now has a blood oxygen sensor, that you can use to measure the oxygen level in your blood. Another new feature is the always-on altimeter, so you can always check your current altitude. I've tested the Apple Watch Series 6 and I'll tell you what I think about the new watch.

Apple Watch Series 6 40mm RED Aluminum RED Sport Band

Optical heart rate sensor and ECG function | Blood oxygen sensor | 32GB storage
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  • Get insight into your fitness with the VO2 max measurement, which measures the maximum oxygen uptake of your blood.
  • Measure your heart rate with the electrical heart rate sensor and make cardiograms with the electrocardiogram function (ECG).
  • The Always On screen is more energy-efficient and brighter, even when the sun shines on it.
  • To set up the Apple Watch, you need an Apple iPhone. After that, you can also use various functions without an iPhone nearby.
  • If you want to charge the watch via a socket, use the charger adapter of your smartphone or order an extra charger adapter.

First impression of the Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6 out of the box

I'm going to test the red Apple Watch Series 6. What strikes me as soon as I open the box is the packaging. Even the manual is red. Apple certainly has an eye for detail. The case around the watch case is also red. With the red watch strap on, the watch really catches your eye. Other than that, I find a 1-meter charging cable in the box. A charger adapter isn't included with the Apple Watch.

Recognizable appearance, new colors

Apple Watch Series 6 processor

The Apple Watch Series 6 is available in 5 colors. In addition to the standard colors Space Gray, silver, and gold, the watch is now also available in (PRODUCT)RED and blue. The appearance is mostly the same as of its predecessor, the Series 5. I can see extra sensors at the back of the watch case. Along with the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple also released new watch straps. You can easily exchange the silicone strap for a nylon version.

New blood oxygen sensor

Apple Watch Series 6 blood oxygen sensor

The blood oxygen sensor is the biggest new feature of Apple Watch Series 6. It measures the oxygen level in your blood. I test the function. I have to put my arm flat on a table or on my lap and keep it as still as possible to do this. Only then can the Apple Watch make an accurate measurement. The measurement is finished after 15 seconds. My blood oxygen level is 98 percent. A blood oxygen of between 95 percent and 99 percent is average. That means I have a healthy amount of oxygen in my blood.

Always-on altimeter and faster chip

Apple Watch Series 6 fast chip

Another new function of the Apple Watch Series 6 is the always-on altimeter. With this function, I can see at any time how high or low I am at that moment. When I'm at home, that information may not be very important. But it's nice to know how high I climb and how fast I descend during a hike. Thanks to the new S6 SiP with 64-bit Dual-Core processor, all your apps load 20% faster than on the Apple Watch Series 5.

Bright Always On display

Apple Watch Series 6 bright display

The Apple Watch Series 6 display has the Always On function that was introduced with the Apple Watch Series 5. I've been wearing the Apple Watch Series 6 for a week now and occasionally switch with the Apple Watch SE without an Always On display. I really miss the Always On display when I switch. It's very useful to always see what time it is and whether I have any notifications. The screen of the Apple Watch Series 6 is also a lot brighter. Even when the sun or a bright lamp shines it, I can still easily read all my notifications.


Optical heart rate sensor and ECG function | Blood oxygen sensor | 32GB storage
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The Apple Watch Series 6 has a brighter always-on display, a faster processor, and an always-on altimeter. You can also choose from several new colors. All this makes the Apple Watch Series 6 a worthy successor to the Apple Watch line. If you currently have the Apple Watch Series 4 or older, the Apple Watch Series 6 is a good option. Do you have an Apple Watch Series 5, but you don't really need a brighter screen and faster watch? An upgrade to the Series 6 isn't necessary for you.

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