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Expert Review of the Bose Noise-masking Sleepbuds

The Bose Noise-masking Sleepbuds are special earbuds. These earbuds produce sounds that supposedly improve your sleep. I am curious about the whole experience. Are the earbuds comfortable when you sleep, am I not bothered by sounds, and do I really sleep all through the night? In this article, you can read my findings about the Sleepbuds.

First impression

Noise-masking Sleepbuds Bose

I think the packaging of the Sleepbuds looks fancy. When I open the box, it contains a round metal charging case. I slide open the lids to remove the earbuds. It all looks very nice. The earbuds feel comfortable. I can't wait to test them.

Installation: done in no time

Installing Bose Sleepbuds

The installation of the Sleepbuds was super easy. I download the Bose Sleep app on my smartphone. I then start the installation. I connect the charging case to the power grid and switch on Bluetooth on my smartphone. A message appears in the app that the sleepbuds are linked. Now they're ready for use.

The app in use: sound variations

Sound options Bose Sleepbuds

In the Sleep app on my smartphone, I choose which sound I want to fall asleep with. I can choose from 10 sounds: rustling leaves, a waterfall, rain sound, an air conditioner, an airplane cabin, the waves of the sea, a campfire, and 3 more calm sounds. I choose one of the calm variations, because I don't like the sounds of nature. It's nice that you have several choices. There's a suitable sound for everyone.

The app in use: extra options

Volume Bose Sleepbuds

You can easily adjust the volume via the app. I think the earbuds' volume can be quite loud. Fortunately, the app will indicate that the sound is so loud that the earbuds not only block sleep-disturbing sounds, but perhaps also important sounds such as an alarm or crying baby. I set the sound to a minimum volume. What's also useful about the app is that you can set an alarm. The alarm goes off via the Sleepbuds. This way, other people in the house won't be bothered by your alarm clock.

Wearing comfort: sleeping comfort

Wearing comfort Bose Sleepbuds

I was very curious about the wearing comfort of the earbuds while sleeping. The earbuds are small and the clips that hold the buds in place are soft. I could sleep on my side without being bothered by the earbuds. I hardly noticed that I had them in.

Included accessories: useful

Bose Sleepbuds accessories

In addition to the included case in which you can store and carry the earbuds, there are more accessories included. The different sizes of ear tips, which guarantee that they stay in place, are super nice. A USB cable and charger are also included.


Noise masking | Bluetooth | Alarm function
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I actually had no expectations and went into this test blank. I think it's a technical feat. The installation was quick and the app is easy to use. It's nice that you can choose from multiple sound clips, have a convenient storage and charging box in one, and have multiple sizes of buds. The earbuds are therefore comfortable while sleeping. If you have sleeping problems, the Sleepbuds can give you more rest, which improves your sleep. I am curious how this product will develop.

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