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Expert review of the Canon EOS 4000D

You've dropped your eye on the Canon EOS 4000D. But before you purchase, you want to know more about the device. I tested the camera for you and wrote a specialist review about it. Below you can read what I think of design and image quality.

First impression

First impression

A little noticeable SLR camera, I think when I see the Canon EOS 4000D. At first glance the camera looks user-friendly. There are not a lot of complicated options according to me. It is also a nice compact device. I see myself taking the camera with me during my next trip.


Compact design

** A lightweight camera that takes you anywhere **

The device weighs less than half a kilo and can therefore be called a lightweight camera. I hold the camera easily with one hand during shooting. The rubber grip at the front also helps with this. It is a device that you can easily take anywhere. So you do not have to miss a photo opportunity anymore. A disadvantage of this compactness: the LCD screen is quite small.


Creative photos

** Taking creative photos with the various settings **

This is a good camera for the novice photographer who wants to use a lot of creativity. The camera has different creative modes. I particularly like the 'Creative Auto' mode. Here, for example, I decide for myself which atmosphere my recordings will receive. Among other things, I have the choice of lively, soft, warm and intense. The camera automatically adjusts the settings. Also nice is the stand for culinary photography, with which I make good food photos.



** Easy to navigate through the options and clear explanations **

What is noticeable after making a number of recordings on this camera is the user-friendliness. Although I can now get along well with SLR cameras, this device seems to me very suitable for the novice photographer. The number of control buttons is limited. Also finding the right settings is fairly simple. In addition, the camera itself provides good explanations for the various modes. You also learn something about photography during the photographers.

Image quality

Image quality

** No optimal image resolution but Full HD videos **

The only drawback to this camera seems to be image quality after a first test. The sensor is rather small compared to other models. With the 18 megapixel sensor of APS C format, I made fine photos with enough detail. If you prefer optimum image quality and a large photo resolution, this is not the camera for you. But for the novice photographer it is fine. Filming can be done in Full HD quality, which is relatively good.


This camera is ideal for the novice photographer. It starts with the format: the camera is nicely compact and lightweight. You can easily take him anywhere. In addition, I discovered that the device provides good explanations for all modes. So you never have to look for the right settings for your photo for a long time. The only drawback is that with this device you do not have an optimal resolution because of the relatively small image sensor.

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