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Expert review of the Canon EOS 80D

The Canon EOS 80D is a digital SLR camera that offers a challenge. An advanced photographer can pick up his heart with this model. I tested the camera as a photographer who can call himself a beginner. During the shooting and filming, I discovered what extras this model has to offer.

In short

24.2 megapixels, APS C CMOS sensor | Full HD 1080p, 7fps, WiFi | Including 18-55mm lens | Types of photography: nature, landscape, portrait, travel | Optical zoom: 3x
no longer available
  • The rotating and tilting screen allows you to shoot from different perspectives. + The camera has a large dynamic range through the 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor.
  • The fast and accurate focusing system makes the camera suitable for making professional videos.
  • With the app you control the camera remotely.
  • Because of its weight and ergonomics the camera is very user friendly.
  • Filming in 4K is not possible with this camera.
  • With a high ISO setting there is noise on your photos.

Canon EOS 80D + 18-55mm IS STM

Precise focusing system with 45 cross type focal points

Focussy stem

The camera has an accurate autofocus. The device has no less than 45 crosstype focus points. This means that the contrast of all pixels is compared with each other instead of only pixels on the same row. This allows the camera to recognize your subjects quickly. My chosen subjects continued to follow the camera effortlessly. Changing the focus point manually was very easy via the touchscreen. This is especially useful during filming. This way you can change from focal point with 1 tap on the screen without any problems.

Rotate the touchscreen in various viewing angles

Tiltable touchscreen

The screen of the Canon EOS 80D can be swiveled and tilted and you can open it to the side. During the shooting and filming I could tilt the screen in all kinds of handy viewing angles. By turning the screen, you make selfies and vlogs with the camera. Taking a photo can be done via the touchscreen, just like focusing and adjusting settings. With one tap and swipe on the screen, you adjust the white balance, the aperture and the shutter speed, for example.

Detailed images of high resolution

High resolution

The camera has a 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor so that the device has a large dynamic range. This provides clear and detailed images of large format. This gives you the opportunity to retrieve details and adjust them during post-processing. Think of making underexposed parts lighter. Due to the size of the sensor, it is still easy to photograph in low light. The DIGIC 6 image processor prevents the camera from becoming slow due to large files.

Professional filming with various options

Professional filming

Although most creators prefer to change their focal point themselves, the camera can do it very well. At full automatic mode, the camera independently searches for the best focus point. Changing the focus point manually also goes very smoothly via the touchscreen. The camera shoots the videos at 60 frames per second so you do not make extreme slow motion videos with it.

Easy to operate with 1 hand

Operate with one hand

With an advanced SLR camera like this, I expected a heavy device. But that is not so bad: the body of the camera weighs 'only' 730 grams. The rubber grip on the front and back made it fairly easy to pick up. The buttons of the device I operated easily with index finger or thumb while making my recordings. In order to check whether my settings were correct, I used the screen on top of the camera.

Use the app as a remote control

Canon 80D app

I transmitted photos wirelessly to my phone, tablet or printer. With the Canon app on my phone I controlled the camera remotely. This gave me more freedom of movement during shooting. This is very useful when making family portraits that you yourself want to be on. Downloading and sharing the captured images is very easy via this app. All you have to do is establish a Wi-Fi connection between your device and the camera.


This camera can rightfully call itself an advanced SLR camera. The autofocus is accurate and fast and the images are of high quality. In addition, a video maker with this device a good film camera in hands. Changing focus during filming is incredibly smooth and the camera has various video options. The touchscreen generally makes this model very user-friendly. Due to its weight and the tilt and turn screen, the camera is also handy.

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