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Expert review of the Fitbit Inspire HR

For this review, I've tested the Fitbit Inspire HR for a week. My verdict: the Fitbit Inspire HR is a complete health watch, except when it comes to measuring stairs. I'm particularly enthusiastic about the sleep analysis, which gives interesting insights. In the morning, I can see the time spent in REM, light, and deep sleep. Read all my findings here.

Fitbit Inspire HR

Measures distance, calories burned, heart rate, sleep, and steps | No GPS | Displays smartphone notifications
no longer available
  • A complete health watch with heart rate monitor and heart rate zones.
  • The sleep analysis is accurate and provides interesting insights.
  • You don't often see replaceable straps on health watches.
  • There are thick black borders around the screen, so it's smaller than expected.
  • Due to the bulge at the bottom, the watch doesn't fit seamlessly.

First impression

Side Fitbit Inspire HR

When I put on the Fitbit Inspire HR, I notice that it's quite high above my wrist. As such, the strap doesn't fit seamlessly. The Inspire HR feels comfortable enough, so I don't find it too annoying. I was mostly curious about the sleep analysis, so I kept it on at night. With success, because I didn't take it off in a drowsy state. The black and white screen responds to my touch almost right away, so I can scroll through all the options without issues. I do notice that the actual screen is smaller due to a wide black border.

Accurate sleep analysis with sleep phases

Fitbit Inspire HR sleep analysis with sleep phases

The sleep analysis of the Fitbit Inspire HR is accurate for a health watch. The times I went to sleep and got up were correct. The watch even registered that I woke up a few times each night before I actually fell asleep. As far as I can tell about the quality of my sleep phases, it looks plausible. I vary between REM, light, and deep sleep and get light sleep for the most part of the night. This should be normal, as the Fitbit app explains.

Heart rate measurement for heart rate indication

Fitbit Inspire HR heart rate measurement

The Inspire gives a good indication of my heart rate, but it sometimes fell a bit behind. In principle, this is OK if I exercise at a constant pace, but it's less convenient with interval training. That is why I recommend the watch if you want to measure your daily heart rate and your heart rate during continuous training sessions. If you do a lot of interval trainings, I recommend a sports watch.

Measures distance and steps, but not stairs

Fitbit Inspire HR pedometer

Tracking distance and steps is perhaps a basic function for a health watch, but that doesn't make it less important. I think the watch is too optimistic in both areas. I don't even reach 7000 steps with other trackers, which I obviously blame on my office job, but I generally achieve 1000 steps more with the Fitbit. it's also common for a health watch to track how many stairs you take, but the Inspire HR doesn't have this function.

Track water and calorie intake

Fitbit Inspire HR diet - count calories

What I find useful is that I can track what I eat and drink in a day in the Fitbit app. I can see how many calories I consume and how the distribution of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats is. I also see an overview of how many calories I consume compared to how many I burn. I want to maintain my weight. This way, I can see at a glance whether I can have a slice of pie or if I should skip it.

Battery life of 5 days

Fitbit Inspire HR battery life

Fitbit claims that the battery lasts 5 days. I fully charged it, although I was slightly skeptical. And guess what? It actually has a 5-hour battery life. I have to admit that I haven't exercised a lot this week, but it's still a great performance. I only have to charge it once every week, so I can only be positive about the battery life.

Fitbit Inspire

Fitbit Inspire

Fitbit has also released a bare version of the HR called the Fitbit Inspire. It has no heart rate measurement and doesn't measure your sleep phases. Other than that, the Inspire is almost identical to the Inspire HR. Are you mainly focused on more daily exercise? The Fitbit Inspire is a more affordable option than the Fitbit Inspire HR.


Measures distance, calories burned, heart rate, sleep, and steps | No GPS | Displays smartphone notifications
no longer available

With the exception of measuring stairs, the Fitbit Inspire HR is a complete health watch. The sleep analysis is accurate and the app shows exactly how many calories I consume and burn daily. I'm not completely satisfied with the pedometer, as it's a bit too optimistic, but the other aspects definitely make up for this.

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