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Expert review of the GoPro HERO 6

The GoPro HERO 6 has been released and I get to test it. As we've come to expect from GoPro, the action camera has stylish packaging. To my surprise, the camera looks exactly the same as the GoPro HERO 5. I'm curious about the specifications. In this article, I'll be taking a closer look at the HERO 6.

First impression

First impression

When I take my first look at the HERO 6, I'm a little surprised. In terms of appearance, the camera is pretty much the same as its predecessor and I'm a little disappointed about that. Of course, that doesn't tell me anything about the camera's performance. The packaging contains a USB cable, battery, manual, and various mounts for the camera. As I had expected, there's no waterproof casing included. The camera is already waterproof to a depth of 10 meters. I'm curious what this camera has to offer.



Controlling the HERO 6 takes a little practice. Like a smartphone, you swipe to open different windows. Using the touchscreen, you can zoom in and out. This works really well. The voice controls require some getting used to, but works amazingly well once you do. Don't forget to first turn on voice control in the settings, or your voice commands will fall on deaf ears.

Advanced image stabilization

Image stabilization

From experience with slightly more low-budget action cameras, I know that the image vibrates a lot when you record during cycling or driving. That's not good, because it can really ruin your video. I've tested the GoPro in both situations and I was pleasantly surprised. There was no annoying vibration. The images look quite smooth and stable. That's a big plus for the HERO 6.

Image quality

Image quality

For carefully capturing or recording my quickly moving dog in sow motion, I used a high frame rate (number of frames per second) of 60 and 120 fps. I can't see any stuttering or slowdowns in my videos, so I'm happy with the results. For recording fluent, slow-motion video, I record at 120 and 240 fps. By the way, you won't need to edit anything or change any settings to play slow-motion video. Great!

The sound quality

Sound quality

When I'm making videos, sound is an important part of it. No matter how great the images I've captured, if the sound quality is poor, I stop watching. Luckily, the HERO 6 doesn't disappoint in this respect either. The camera has 3 microphones and chooses the one that can make the best audio recordings at that moment for each situation. The sound quality is good, even when recording under water. That's also because you don't need an external casing to do that.

GoPro Capture and Quik app


Connecting the GoPro to my smartphone went smoother than I'd expected. Via the Capture app, you can easily change the camera's settings. I also thought it was great that I could use my smartphone as a display. The Quik app edits my videos automatically with text, music, and special effects. This leads to some very nice results. You can always change things to suit your taste afterwards.

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