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Expert review: Harman Kardon Citation 500

The Harman Kardon Citation 500 is the great speaker of the Citation line-up. I am very curious about what the speaker looks like. I also want to test the sound quality and the built-in Google Assistant. You can read all my findings in this article.

Harman Kardon Citation 500

Bluetooth | Large (25 - 40cm) | Built-in Google Assistant
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  • With the Google Assistant you control the speaker via voice commands.
  • In addition to WiFi, you also stream music via Bluetooth from a smartphone or laptop to the speaker.
  • The Kvadrat fabric is dirt-resistant.
  • The speaker can only be connected with other Citation speakers.
  • You need a Google account to use Google Assistant functions such as calendar management.

First impression

Citation 500

What strikes me first is that the speaker is quite heavy. With a speaker that often means a lot of good, because then there is also a bass in it. The speaker is quite large and the model is strikingly oval with a fabric housing. At the top I see a small, but sleek touchscreen. All in all it looks sleek and the Citation 500 is suitable for every interior.

Easy setup

Google Home app

I start the installation by connecting the speaker to AC power and opening the Google Home app on my smartphone. In the app I connect the speaker with my smartphone and start the entire installation. The app helps me through the entire installation. Make sure you have a working internet connection so that the installation runs smoothly.

Many options in the app

App options

In addition to the installation, I also use the app to connect this speaker with other Citation speakers in the house. There is still 1 in the living room and 1 in the bedroom. Through the app I can now easily choose on which speaker I want to play which music, or in which room. I also easily connect my Google account and streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix via the app with the speaker.

Voice control, WiFi, and Bluetooth

Voice control

In addition to WiFi, I also connect the speaker to my smartphone via Bluetooth. Handy when you want to use the speaker in a place where the wifi connection is not that strong. I use the built-in Google Assistant by calling 'Hey Google' and asking to play something from Bob Marley on Spotify. The music starts playing after this. I can also ask the Assistant to turn the volume up or down, what the weather will be like today and what time it will be.

Space-filling sound

Spatial audio

What I like about this speaker is that the sound literally comes from all sides of the speaker because the speaker is oval. Pretty cool. There is certainly a good bass that you hear better with certain music genres than with others. I also find the sound quite space-filling.


The Citation 500 speaker really is the star of the speakers of the Citation line when it comes to sound. The bass is really present and the sound fills the space. It is also the largest speaker so I believe that the speaker comes into its own in a larger space. The voice control is a plus. It makes the operation just that little bit easier, but the extra options of the Google Assistant are also handy and fun. Via the Google Home app on my smartphone I easily connect the speaker with all other speakers in my house which is also an advantage. All in all a nice speaker with a good price-quality ratio.

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