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Expert review of the HTC Vive

The HTC Vive is a virtual reality glasses for use with your game PC or laptop. It is difficult to estimate what you can expect from a VR pair of glasses without having tried it. That is why I extensively tested the HTC Vive to see what it has to offer and for whom it is a suitable product.

HTC Vive

2,160x1,200 AMOLED screen | Suitable for PC or laptop | Suitable for people who wear glasses | Motion controllers | Replaceable face cushion
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  • Comfortable gaming thanks to the facial cushions and adjustable headband.
  • My glasses-wearing friends use the HTC Vive without any problems.
  • You do not suffer from disturbing blind spots, thanks to a 110-degree field of vision.
  • Building the right setting and installing the Vive takes time.
  • I need a powerful PC or laptop with at least Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060.

Before you get started

Before you get started

Before you can start, you are at least half an hour busy building and installing the HTC Vive. For example, I had to move furniture to provide enough space for the tripods with the base stations. HTC recommends to screw the base stations into the wall. But I thought that was a great waste of my white walls. So it just depends on whether you want the sensors permanently present or if you prefer to clean up everything afterwards.

The wearing comfort

Wearing comfort

He does not feel heavy with a weight of 555 grams. I also experienced no light from outside the glasses due to the flexible fit around the nose area so that I was not disturbed by the outside world. The HTC Vive does not press against your face thanks to the face and nose pads. During an intensive VR session, such as archery in The Lab, you start to sweat quickly. Fortunately, this is an easy to replace part of the VR glasses.

The motion controllers

The motion controllers

The motion controllers distinguish the HTC Vive from all other VR glasses. Using your hands in a virtual world contributes a lot to the experience. The movements of the controllers are recorded down to the millimeter, which makes the experience very convincing and reliable. The controllers include a trigger and clickable touch pad. These are also visible in VR so that they are easy to find.

Walk around in virtual reality

Virtual reality

It takes some free space in your house, but being able to walk around and actively respond to your entire environment adds a lot. It lets the whole VR experience feel natural and convincing and gives the idea that you are really there. The sensors in the VR glasses clearly indicate when you reach the edge of the indicated play space. That way I knew exactly where to stop making my 3D drawing in Tilt Brush.


With the HTC you have the top of virtual reality at the moment. It takes some time to set up, but virtual reality with motion controllers is of a completely different level. However, it is a relatively expensive purchase, especially if you also have to buy a game PC or laptop. Meanwhile, the VR game collection in Steam and Viveport is becoming more and more extensive. All in all, the HTC Vive is a very nice investment in the future.

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