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Expert review of the Jaybird X3

When I read the website of Jaybird, the X3 seems to me the perfect sport earplugs. They have a stable Bluetooth connection, give you up to 8 hours of listening pleasure, have a fast charge function and can be connected to the MySound app to customize the sound. In an extensive test I went to see if these features are indeed so cool and whether they work well. Of course, I also pay attention to the sound and the fit.

Jaybird X4

In ear | 8-hour battery life | Waterproof
no longer available

Searching for the Jaybird X3? Unfortunately, we no longer sell those. We do have the successor: the Jaybird X4. You can see on the right whether this product is for you.

First impression

The X3 earplugs are bigger than I expected. The Jaybird website states that they easily fit under a helmet. They are no bigger than other sport earplugs, but the Jaybird Freedom ears - which I have also tested - are a lot smaller. Furthermore, the X3 looks nice and many accessories are included. You get 3 sizes of compliant foam insulation caps, 3 sizes of regular caps, 3 earclips, a storage bag, a cable clip, cord clips and a charging cable with charging clip. The box says among other things that the ears are sweat resistant, Bluetooth and can be connected to the Jaybird MySound smartphone app for personalizing the sound. I'm curious!

Specifications highlighted: sound

If the caps are in your ears, the sound will be full and warm. The bass is clearly present and creates a stirring sensation during exercise. Compared to other sporting ears, it took me a long time to find the right size of caps. My ear canal is narrow and therefore I always need the smallest variant. With the X3 I needed the largest size. I also changed between the insulating comply foam caps and regular caps. Once I had found the right size, the sound was good. For that it sounded tinny and shrill, so keep quietly trying until the ears stay in place and the sound is full.

Specifications highlighted: wear mode

You wear the earplugs for your ears, just like regular earplugs, or behind your ears. On the promotional films of Jaybird everyone has the cord behind their ears, but I found this unsuccessful. Partly due to the heavy remote control the caps always fell out. I prefer to wear them in the regular way and I click the ear clips, the wings in your ear, for extra strength. Although the ears were good in the end, I still did not like them as well as the Jaybird Freedom. Those ears were immediately cast and never failed, unlike the Jaybird X3.

Specifications highlighted: Bluetooth connection

Because you stream the music via Bluetooth, there is only a modest cable in your neck and you have all the freedom of movement. Jaybird has paid a lot of attention to strengthening the Bluetooth signal. This I also noticed, the music did not falter during streaming. Thanks to the 4.1 Bluetooth profile, you can also pair 2 pairs of X3 earphones to a device at the same time. This way you can exercise with someone and at the same time listen to the same music. Conversely, it is also possible to connect 1 pair of X3 earplugs to 2 devices. This is useful if, for example, you want to listen to music from your tablet and call hands-free via your smartphone.

Specifications highlighted: battery

The battery of the X3 lasts for 8 hours. Are you about to exercise, but is the battery empty? Thanks to the fast charge function you only have to charge the caps for 20 minutes to listen to 1 hour of music. I tested it with the timer and it's exactly right. You charge the battery via the included USB cable. A charging clip is attached to the USB cable. Connect the charging cable to the remote control via the charging clip and charge it. I really find this construction a drawback, because you can no longer charge the earphones if you have lost the charging clip. Fortunately, the charging clip can also be bought separately.

Specifications highlighted: smartphone app

With the free MySound smartphone app from Jaybird you can customize the sound. By means of equalizers you determine the amount of bass, treble and midtones yourself. The settings are stored in your personal profile. Regardless of which smartphone you are connected to, you will hear the sound as you have set it up. Presets are also available in the app, such as 'Bring the bass' and 'Movie mode'. In addition, artists and athletes have made their presets available. The equalizers work with music stored on your phone and with music in streaming services such as Spotify.


Time to take stock. That the cool features - like the fast charge function and MySound app - make the X3 into fine earbuds, is no doubt about it. The full, uplifting sound also makes the ears perfect during exercise. But it can not always be a party. It takes a lot of time to find the right fit, the caps fall out regularly and if you lose the charging clip, you can not use the X3 anymore. A lot of pros and cons. Personally, I would rather spend my money on the Jaybird Freedom, which I think is one of the best sports earplugs.

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