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Expert review of the KEF LSX stereo system

The KEF LSX wireless stereo system consists of 2 HiFi speakers which you can use as WiFi speakers in a multi-room setup or as sound setup for your television. I'm very curious about what this speaker set has to offer for us. You can read my findings in this article.


Bluetooth | Medium-sized (15 - 25cm) | Uni-Q driver
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  • You can wirelessly connect the speakers to your phone via WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • The speakers can reproduce treble tones clearly.
  • Connect a subwoofer to the speakers via the subwoofer port for deep bass reproduction.
  • There are no buttons to control your music on the speakers.
  • No optical cable is included to connect the speakers to your television.

First impression


As soon as I unbox the speakers, I notice the appearance of the speakers. The design really appeals to me personally. A nice combination of Kvadrat fabric with a matte plastic. I see a lot of connection options at the back of the speaker and it comes with a useful remote.


KEF LSX setup

I download the KEF Control app via the app store on my smartphone. Meanwhile, I connect the speakers to the power grid and I connect the 2 speakers with an Ethernet cable for a higher sound quality. I go through the installation process in the app, which is easy. Setup is done in 5 minutes.

The sound


The speakers are quite small, but can play wired up to as much as 24-bit/192kHz and wirelessly up to 24-bit/96kHz. That means the speakers reproduce treble tones brightly and clearly as well. I played the following songs to listen what the sound was like:

Sade - Smooth Operator: a gentle song in which the voice is most important. The sound is clear and detailed. The voice comes out well. The bass is audible in the lower parts of the song.

Foreigner - Cold As Ice: a song with some excesses. The sound is very detailed and again the bass is well present, but not too exaggerated. The voices are audible.

So I can conclude that I'm satisfied with the sound quality.

The app

The KEF app

I've already used the KEF Control app during setup. The app was already easy to use for this, but the controls of the speakers are easy as well. You can easily add an extra speaker, pause the music, or change the volume. You can also indicate whether you connect the speakers via WiFi, Bluetooth, an optical cable, or AUX cable. You can find the symbol for the equalize settings at the bottom right. When I click on it, a menu opens in which I can indicate how far the speakers are from the wall, how large the space where speakers stand is, and whether there's already a subwoofer connected to the speakers.


Connect the app

These speakers offer many options. In addition to WiFi, the speakers can also play via a Bluetooth connection. This is useful for places where the WiFi signal is less strong, such as in the garden. You can easily connect the speakers with streaming services such as Apple Music, AirPlay2, and Spotify Connect. You can connect the speakers to your TV via an optical cable. Unfortunately, this cable isn't included, so you need to buy it separately. Thanks to the AUX port, you can also easily connect headphones or an MP3 player to the speakers. And with the subwoofer output, you can add a subwoofer to your speaker set.

Conclusion: impressed

The KEF LSX speakers are pretty compact, but you won't hear that in the sound. The sound is clear and detailed, voices are clearly audible, and the bass tones come out well. The setup is done in no time and the smartphone app is pretty easy to use. If you use an Ethernet cable with this set, the sound quality is better than with other WiFi speakers. They're really HiFi speakers with a WiFi connection. The design is worth mentioning as well. These speakers match any interior.

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