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Expert review of the LG C9 OLED TV

The LG C9 is the successor to the popular C8 model from 2018. Compared to the previous version, this OLED TV has the latest a9 image processor. This makes the image quality extra colorful and detailed. Other important additions are the HDMI 2.1 connectors. These connectors allow you to play 4K images at 120 frames per second, for example. In this review, I'll explain the most important features.


4K (UHD), UHD premium | Smart TV: WebOS | 100Hz
no longer available
  • The OLED screen produces a deep black display and a powerful contrast.
  • Images are very detailed and colorful thanks to the a9 Gen 2 processor.
  • The Magic Remote and the WebOS smart menu provide a pleasant user experience.
  • For a real movie theater experience, you need a soundbar or the LG E9.

First impression of the LG C9

You'll notice the wide metal stand right away. It has a luxurious metal finish and ensures that the TV is stable. The HDMI 2.1 connectors make the TV future-proof. This allows the TV to receive various high-quality signals, like a 4K resolution with 120 frames per second. These images not only look sharp, they're also very smooth. Because movies and series aren't available in this quality yet, the connector is especially interesting for gamers. It's rumored that the PlayStation 5 will also have HDMI 2.1 support, for example.

Colorful and detailed images

Image quality of the LG C9

Thanks to the a9 Gen 2 processor, the image quality is very realistic. Skin tones and color tones are lifelike and the shades of a sunrise subtly blend into each other. When the sun shines through the trees in a scene of Our Planet, I see a strong contrast between the bright rays of the sun and the dark leaves. Even when I watch lower quality YouTube videos, the image quality is high. This is because the processor removes white noise via artificial intelligence and improves the colors and sharpness.

Many details in the dark

Black display of the LG C9

The OLED screen doesn't have backlight, but pixels that light up or go out individually. As a result, black images are truly black and there is a powerful contrast between light and dark. I clearly see the advantage of this when I watch a scene in the desert at night. Actors aren't lost in the black, but remain clearly visible. Because the pixels only light up the bright images, the stars shine brightly in the dark sky.

Excellent viewing angle, not many reflections

Viewing angle of the LG C9

Like other OLED TVs, the C9 offers an excellent viewing angle. It doesn't matter if I'm right in front of the screen or on the side, the image quality doesn't deteriorate. Only when I'm completely next to the TV, I notice that there is a loss of contrast and the brightness decreases. With standard ambient light, the TV has little trouble with disturbing reflections. A light only gets reflected in the screen during dark scenes sometimes. If you watch TV in brightly lit rooms, the contrast will slightly deteriorate. In these situations, it's unfortunate that the image can't be set a bit brighter.

Stylish and minimalist design

LG C9 design

The wide stand is the biggest eye-catcher of the otherwise very minimalistic TV. It's has a stylish brushed metal finish. The OLED TV doesn't have backlight, so the screen remains razor-thin. This looks especially impressive when you watch TV from the side. The back has the same luxurious finish as the stand. At the bottom, there is a thicker plastic casing with all the connectors. These connectors are aimed to the side, so you can easily mount the TV tightly to the wall.

Good sound for standard use

Sound of the C9

This TV doesn't have a built-in soundbar like its bigger brother, the E9. The C9 TV has dual speakers and woofers instead. These deliver a room-filling sound with clear treble. Clear effects and deep bass tones aren't lost in the sound mix either. But during a car chase or other exciting scenes, the sound doesn't make enough impact to bring me to the edge of my seat.

Unique controls with the Magic Remote

Magic Remote of the LG C9

The included Magic Remote provides a pleasant user experience. When you point this remote at the TV, a cursor appears on the screen. You can select an option by simply pointing at it and clicking it. This way, you won't have to press as many buttons. You can quickly scroll through a list of options with the scroll wheel. At the top, there is a button that activates voice control. This allows you to adjust the volume with a simple voice command or search for a Netflix series.

Organized smart platform

The WebOS smart platform of the LG C9

The WebOS smart menu looks like a row of colored cards. Each card represents a different app or function. Via the LG Content Store, you can easily download new apps that you can then add to the row of cards. You don't need an account to download apps. I think this is a big advantage compared to other smart platforms. I tested many more features of WebOS and wrote down my findings in this review.


4K (UHD), UHD premium | Smart TV: WebOS | 100Hz
no longer available

With the C9, LG also set the standard for OLED TVs in 2019. You'll get a colorful and sharp image quality, whether you watch HDR movies or watch YouTube videos of a lower quality. Combined with the Magic Remote, the WebOS smart menu provides a unique and pleasant user experience. Although the sound quality is above average, exciting effects just don't make enough impact. If this is important to you, I recommend getting a separate soundbar or the E9 version.

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