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Expert review Magimix Nespresso Vertuo Plus

With the Nespresso Vertuo Plus, you can make larger cups of coffee as well as espressos. The coffee capsules, the brewing method, and the operation differ from a Nespresso Original machine. I was very curious about this coffee machine and couldn't wait to test it. In this expert review, I'll tell you what I think of the Nespresso Vertuo Plus.

In short

Water tank capacity 1.8L | Plastic, metal | 13 gran lungos per full water tank
no longer available
  • You can make larger cups of coffee with the Vertuo.
  • The coffee machine has a luxurious appearance and has user-friendly controls.
  • The coffee has a good taste and is very warm.
  • The machine recognizes what kind of capsule you're using and uses just enough water.
  • While brewing the machine makes a fairly high, spinning noise.
  • If you love ristrettos, espresso, and lungos the Nespresso Original is a better machine.

In the box

Nespresso Vertuo unboxing

The Nespresso machine arrives in a handy carrying box with a handle and is neatly wrapped in polystyrene for protection. I unpack the machine and can tell right away a square box is included. When I open the box, I see that it contains special Vertuo coffee capsules with different flavors and for different cup sizes. This is useful because I can get started right away. The coffee machine itself has a luxurious appearance thanks to its modern design and the sturdy, stainless-steel drip tray and handle.


Control Nespresso Vertuo

Before you put a coffee capsule into the machine, you push the stainless-steel lever slightly upwards. The top of the coffee machine opens automatically. This gives a luxurious feeling and I've never seen a capsule machine that does this. The machine only has 1 button. You don't have to choose a capsule size yourself because the coffee machine regulates this for you. The device recognizes the barcode on the coffee capsule and uses just the right amount of water.

Vertuo coffee capsules

Nespresso Vertuo capsules

The coffee capsules you use for the Vertuo are different from the regular Nespresso capsules. They differ in size and shape and have a barcode on the rim of the capsule. The flatter the capsule, the smaller your cup of coffee will be. You use the flap capsules to make an espresso, the slightly thicker capsules for a large lungo, and the thickest capsule for an extra large coffee. The different colors each represent a specific taste.

Make coffee

Make coffee with the Nespresso Vertuo

I'm making an espresso and a Gran Lungo. I put the capsule upside down into the machine. I press the coffee button and the machine starts spinning. The hot water spins very quickly through the capsule. This produces a specific noise that is similar to the spin cycle of washing machine, but it's a bit higher. And luckily, it's not nearly as loud. The used capsule automatically falls into the drip tray afterwards.

Taste of the coffee

How does Nespresso Vertuo coffee taste?

It's clearly noticeable that the spinning brewing technology creates a thick crema layer. The taste of an espresso is good, but it contains quite a lot foam. It's not possible to make a normal lungo, so I make a larger version. This Gran Lungo also has a thick crema layer. The coffee itself is hot. I have to get used to the thick foam layer. The foam tastes slightly bitter, but this isn't surprising since I didn't add any sugar to my coffee.


Water tank capacity 1.8L | Plastic, metal | 13 gran lungos per full water tank
no longer available

The Vertuo has a luxurious appearance and has user-friendly controls. The coffee machine is suitable for those who love larger cups of coffee. Keep in mind that you need special Vertuo capsules to make coffee with the Vertuo. Making coffee is easy, but the machine produces a fairly high noise due to the spinning brewing technique. The coffee tastes good. It's ideal if you appreciate a relatively hot coffee and an extra thick foam layer.

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