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Expert review of the Microsoft Surface Go - 8GB - 128GB

Microsoft Surface Go - 8GB - 128GB is an affordable and less powerful variant than the Surface Book series from Microsoft. Does it live up to the expectations? That depends on whether you purchase a type cover for this 2-in-1 or not. Read my expert review below.

In short

Internet, email & text processing | Intel Pentium Gold - 8GB - 128GB SSD | The smallest and lightest Surface ever
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Without type cover, the Microsoft Surface Go is a mediocre tablet that only truly starts shining when you purchase a type cover. With a keyboard, it's a compact 2-in-1 that's very comfortable to type on, lasts long on a single battery charge, and looks stylish.

First impression

Surface Go out of box

As soon as I remove the Surface Go from the package, I remember the biggest flaw of the Microsoft Surface models. The keyboard (the Surface type cover) isn't included and has to be purchased separately. This is a big loss, since the technical specifications of this model are similar to an average tablet. The charger has a magnetic connection that very easily clicks into the slot for the charger. This is a nice addition, which makes the tablet more practical in use.

Without type cover: a mediocre tablet

Surface Go type cover

The lack of a keyboard (the Surface type cover) already becomes painfully obvious during the Windows installation. The 10-inch touchscreen shows a digital keyboard that annoyingly blocks the entry fields. I go through the entire setup with difficulty and decide to wait until the type cover has arrived. If you're mainly looking for a tablet, there are better and cheaper alternatives available.

A stylish laptop with type cover

Surface Go stand

The Surface type cover has a magnetic connector, so the keyboard clicks itself to the Surface with a nice sound. This changes the mediocre tablet into a stylish laptop that's very suitable for traveling. With the stand, you can put the laptop down and get started with some typing. The small keys take some getting used to, but type very comfortably. The keyboard is in a tilted position, so your wrists won't get strained.

Excellent performance for mobile use

Surface Go on the go

The Surface Go has 4GB of RAM and an Intel M3 processor. This makes the Surface Go primarily suitable for browsing the internet, emailing, and text processing. The excellent battery life means you can work for at least an entire day without having to charge it. In combination with the compact screen, this Microsoft Surface is ideal if you travel a lot, especially if you send a lot of emails or have to do a lot of typing.

Few extras

Surface Go extra

The Surface Go has few extra features. It has an infrared camera with which you can log into Windows 10 Home S with face recognition. This was disappointing when I tried it. I wonder if the presence of the camera is the reason why the bezels around the touchscreen are so thick. A fingerprint sensor is missing, so I have to rely on simply typing a password.

Difference in quality is sometimes confusing

Surface Go material

The Surface Go is a cheaper (and smaller) alternative to the Surface Book models. The casing and stand are made of plastic, for example, so they feel a bit cheap. The keyboard is high-quality, just like the (magnetic) connectors. This sometimes makes the whole feel like a mix of different parts. Luckily, everything is working properly and I never encounter any unpleasant surprises.

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