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Expert review of the Nikon D5600

The Nikon D5600 is known as a user-friendly digital SLR camera with plenty of options for photo and videographers. I tested the camera to see how the device performs in practice. I paid special attention to the design, the autofocus, recording options, and the wireless connections.

In short

24,2 megapixel APS-C CMOS-sensor | EXPEED 4 image processor | Full HD 1080p | 3.2 inch tiltable LCD screen | 5 fps.
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  • Thanks to the compact design, you can easily take the camera with you when shooting or filming location.
  • The camera focuses silently, so you don't hear any disturbing sounds in your videos.
  • You can easily adjust the settings via the touchscreen.
  • You can send your images to your smartphone wirelessly via WiFi, Bluetooth, or NFC.


  • If your image has little contrast, the camera focuses a little slower.

First impression

Compact size

The first thing you notice about the camera is the size. The device is easy to pick up with one hand thanks to its compactness and light weight. The rubber grip on the front ensures that the camera stays firmly in my hand. Although it's a small camera, the device has a remarkably large screen. I'm especially curious about this camera's possibilities, not just for taking pictures, but for making videos as well.



Compact and light DSLR with a convenient touchscreen

The format, as I mentioned earlier, was the first thing I noticed. Even while shooting, the camera lies firmly in my hand. The large tiltable screen ensures that I keep seeing images well when making a video, even from a low perspective. In addition, the touchscreen offers me the option of adjusting settings with 1 tap on the screen. That's very useful if you don't know where all the buttons are yet.


Focus points

Fast, silent, and specific focusing

This camera's autofocus system made me very happy. While recording, the camera changed autofocus point quickly and silently. In addition, the device also did it accurately. Only with low-contrast images did the camera focus more slowly. What's great about this camera is the large number of focus points. There's a total of 39 at your disposal. That means you can focus on very specific parts in your image.

Record videos

Record videos

From advanced movie options to making a timelapse

Although I have little experience with filming, I want to discuss some recording options in this review. While testing the recording options, I paid attention to the autofocus. The camera changes focus point quickly and silently, so your recording isn't interrupted. In addition, you can easily record from various angles by tilting the screen. To top it all off, the device records in Full HD at 60 frames per second, which is ideal for making a timelapse.

Connecting wirelessly

Connecting SnapBridge through WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth

** Wi-Fi and NFC are handy but bluetooth works best **

The camera has various options for wireless transfer of images. The device has both wifi and bluetooth and NFC. Making connections between the camera and the SnapBrigde app was very easy. Via Bluetooth, the camera stayed connected to my phone in an energy-efficient way. This prevents the batteries of the devices from draining quickly. In addition, I did not have to worry about my phone not having Wi-Fi connection while using bluetooth.

** Automatically send quality images to your phone or tablet **

The SnapBridge app works with an always-on connection. As a result, the images that you take will automatically appear in the photo album on your Apple or Android device. So you instantly send your best moments through social media into the world. You personalize the images by adding your name and GPS location via SnapBridge. For remote recording, use the app as a remote control for the camera.


It is a nice compact DSLR camera. It is easy to take anywhere and easy to operate. The tiltable screen helps you to take pictures in difficult corners. I was particularly surprised by the fast, precise and silent autofocus. My film shots were not disturbed by it. The camera is very suitable for filmmakers for another reason: you can film it in Full HD at 60 frames per second. Then you share them energy-efficient via bluetooth.

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