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Expert review of the Nikon KeyMission 360

At first sight alone, the Nikon Keymission 360 is a special camera. Thanks to its dual lenses, the camera has a 360-degree image angle that allows you to capture everything around you. Control the action cam with 2 buttons, and for extra possibilities, you can connect the camera to your smartphone with the SnapBridge 360/170 app. In this review, I test the KeyMission 360, taking into account controls, the footage, battery life, and the app.

First impression

Looking at the images on the packaging, the camera seems suitable for extreme sports such as skydiving. This is confirmed by what I find in the box: a silicon protective cover, a mount, and 2 underwater lens protections. The Keymission 360 looks good; the camera is compact and had a nice size and finish. You do have to practice holding the camera without leaving fingerprints on the lenses. With only 2 buttons, it seems very easy to control the camera. I'm curious to find out if the controls are really as simple as they seem.



Easy to control with 2 buttons

With the KeyMission 360, you no longer have to worry about using several buttons or difficult settings. The action camera only has 2 buttons; a record button for videos, and a button for taking photos on the side of the camera. The three lights on the action camera give you a lot of information, for instance about the battery life and the recording mode. The lights also tell you whether the camera is ready to be connected to the Snapbridge 360/170 app. The flash and color options all have different meanings, and this takes some getting used to. I checked the manual while testing out the camera for extra explanation. The manual explains exactly what every signal means.

Image quality

360-degree footage

Records in 360 degrees

The best thing about the KeyMission 360 is the 360-degree image angle. This allows you to record everything around you, which adds a whole new dimension to your footage when you watch it again. When I was watching my footage again, I suddenly saw what was happening behind me, while I hadn't seen any of that when I was recording. If you're not used to this 360-degree image angle, it may take some getting used to, since the footage is spherical. The quality of the footage is good for a 360-degree camera. The footage isn't razor-sharp, but it is good enough to be able to see everything clearly.

Battery life


Limited battery life

The accu lasted at least 1 hour when I was recording with the Keymission 360. Personally, I find this to be quite short. As a film and photography enthusiast, you quickly use the camera for an hour, especially during a trip or holiday. When the battery nearly died, the light on top of the camera became orange. It's a shame that you don't know for how much longer you can record from then on. To find out the remaining percentage of the battery, I used the SnapBridge 360/170 app. The battery took almost 2.5 hours to fully charge. I think that's quite long, especially if you need the camera again quickly.

SnapBridge app

Snapbridge app

Edit and share your footage

The SnapBridge 360/170 app is a good solution for the camera, since it doesn't have an LCD screen itself. With help of the application, I could view live footage, control the camera from a distance, and adjust the settings. You can also easily transfer the footage to your smartphone. This way, you can easily share footage with family and friends on social media. The SnapBridge 360/170 is an addition to the action camera. Online, I read that the camera couldn't connect to the application on some devices. I had the same problem with my own smartphone.


All in all, the Nikon KeyMission 260 is more than just an action camera. I am particularly pleased about the simple controls, the possibilities that the SnapBridge app offers, and the 360-degree image angle. I'm less enthusiastic about the battery life and the fact that the footage isn't razor-sharp. Hopefully, Nikon will launch an update of the app in the near future so everyone can enjoy the extra possibilities that the app offers.

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