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Expert review of the Oculus Go

The Oculus Go is the first independent, active VR glasses where you do not need a physical PC or your own smartphone. I have tested these Oculus and Facebook entry-level VR glasses for you and answer the question whether the Oculus Go fulfills its reputation as the VR glasses for everyone.

Oculus Go

2560x1440 Fast switch LCD | No PC or mobile phone required | Including touch controller (1x)
no longer available
  • Built-in speakers let you immerse yourself in VR
  • Stand alone: ​​no powerful PC or smartphone necessary
  • Suitable for well-known apps like Netflix and Facebook
  • Only head tracking, no positional tracking
  • No adjustable lenses

In the box

In the box

VR glasses usually need quite a lot of accessories. With the Oculus Go the choice for convenience is clear, because you do not need an IT background to get started with the Go.

  • the Oculus Go VR glasses
  • the Oculus Go Touch controller
  • Usb charging cable (50 centimeter)
  • Attachment for eyeglass wearers
  • Instructions

First Time Setup

Set Oculus Go

It is fairly easy to get started with the Go. After the glasses first provide a sip of power, I start by downloading the Oculus app for Android or iOS. This helps me step by step through the setting process. I connect the Oculus with my wifi network and create an Oculus account. I follow the steps and get a tour of the Go system. Convenient!


The lenses of the Oculus go

The first thing that strikes me is that the image is sharper than with the Oculus Rift. Text comes into focus and I do not suffer from the pixelated 'screen through effect'. My only annoyance is that the lenses can not be adjusted, so I really have to attach the glasses to the right position to look through the lenses at the right angle. Once successful, there is no need to worry about.

Navigation & operation

Oculus Go controller

Navigating through VR I do with the Oculus Go in 2 ways. By moving my head and with the Oculus Go Touch controller. This controller is easy to calibrate and works intuitively as a pointing device. It is as if I use a bright white laser pointer on buttons. You also scroll with the touch bath and 'click' with the trigger. I can not walk in VR without external sensors, so I mainly use the glasses while sitting on the couch.

Entertainment & Games

Oculus Go in use

The Oculus Go is an entertainment device at its core. As soon as I start, I immediately have access to popular apps such as Plex and Netflix. In the browser I immediately get a number of useful bookmarks to YouTube, Twitch and other entertainment hubs. I log in with my Netflix account and watch the latest episode of my favorite series from a virtual living room or cinema. In VR I now also watch special 180, 360 degrees and 3D videos for the first time.


Oculus Go Games


With the built-in speakers and a 360 degree environment you are completely absorbed in your games. You do not play heavy games like Doom VR on the Oculus Go, but that does not mean they are not fun. I see the controller in VR, so this makes the aim in the free shooting games that I try is very nice and kind of realistic. Also strategy games are fun to play, because you simply give orders.

Available apps


The Oculus Go also puts a lot of energy into the social possibilities of VR. For example, I link my Facebook account to view it virtually. Or can I watch a movie or series together with other Oculus Go users in apps such as Plex and Netflix. This also with the games and other apps, but I could not test that with a single Oculus Go in practice. But, the possibility is there, so that makes VR a lot more fun.


Apart from a few minor inconveniences, the Oculus Go is an excellent way to get to know VR. The glasses stand out because of their independence and the good image quality, so many child complaints from VR are past. There is enough content and the battery life is 2.5 hours exactly long enough for a VR session. The further development of the social aspects of the glasses will ensure that you enjoy your VR glasses for a long time.

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