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Expert review of the Philips 55OLED903

Philips has provided the 55OLED903 with various extras. In addition to an OLED screen, this TV has a P5 image processor, Ambilight lighting, and a Bowers & Wilkins soundbar. Because of this, I have high expectations about the image and sound quality. Does this TV provide the total experience that I had in mind in advance? You can read the answer in this review.

In short

4K (UHD), UHD premium | Smart tv: Android | 100Hz
no longer available
  • The P5 image processor provides true-to-life and colorful images.
  • Thanks to the OLED screen, the TV produces deep blacks and a powerful contrast.
  • The sound is powerful and pure thanks to the Bowers & Wilkins soundbar.
  • The three-sided Ambilight lighting looks especially striking in the dark.
  • Dolby Vision is missing, so you can't use the image quality of this HDR format optimally.
  • The Android smart platform isn't very clear.

Realistic image with a strong upscaling

Color representation

Thanks to the P5 image processor, the image display is smooth and noise-free. Subtle color and skin tones are realistic, while the intensity of bright colors is strong. The upscaling technique provides a visible image improvement of videos that haven't been shot in 4K or HDR. This way, images are sharper and colors are emphasized. The only downside is that the TV doesn't support Dolby Vision. This means you can't get the maximum image quality from videos of this HDR format.

Deep black display

Black display

The TV delivers a black display that you can expect from an OLED device. Dark images are sometimes so black that it looks like the screen is off. This creates a powerful contrast with light or colorful images. Thanks to the accurate black display, you can see every subtle shade of gray. This provides a great advantage when, for example, you look at an image of a dark forest. The smallest details such as branches or leaves are clearly visible.

Good viewing angle, few disturbing reflections

Viewing angle

The viewing angle of this TV is excellent. If I sit on the side of the screen, the image quality hardly deteriorates. This is a well-known plus of OLED TVs. The downside is that these screens are more sensitive to reflections. Although this is also the case with this TV, the reflection is not so bad. In bright daylight or artificial light, reflections are clearly visible, but not so annoying that you have to close the curtains.

Powerful and pure sound


The Bowers & Wilkins soundbar is the only difference between this TV and the OLED803. The question is whether this speaker is worth the price difference. In my opinion, this is certainly the case. The dynamic and pure sound of the soundbar isn't only suitable for films, but also for music. Even at high volumes, the bass sounds deep and undistorted. The treble, such as voices and effects, remain pure in the mix.

Slim and luxurious design


The slender screen stands on 2 subtle feet. This looks more elegant than when the TV has a large foot in the middle. The soundbar makes the design a bit more robust, but the Kvadrant fabric exudes luxury. The shapes of both devices blend seamlessly. Thanks to the Ambilight lighting, your viewing experience is not limited to the size of the screen. These lamps illuminate the wall in the colors of the image, which looks especially striking in the dark.

2 remotes and Google Assistant

The traditional remote has a QWERTY keyboard on the back. This allows me to type searches easily. The other, smaller device is specially made for voice control. With a simple voice command like 'find cat movies', I quickly conjure up relevant videos on the screen. As of recently, the TV has Google Assistant, with which you can operate various functions and devices. This is useful when you link the TV to other smart products, such as Hue lights. You can switch off all devices with one simple voice command.

Fairly unclear smart menu


With a TV with such a sleek design, I expected a more subtle smart platform. The menu fills the entire screen with large areas, which is not very clear. It's especially unfortunate that the background doesn't show which movie or show you are watching. My favorite apps like YouTube are already installed. Other installed content, such as TED Talks, I find less interesting. Fortunately I can remove these from the menu quite easily.


4K (UHD), UHD premium | Smart tv: Android | 100Hz
no longer available

Thanks to the powerful image performance and the B&W soundbar, the TV delivers an impressive total experience. Still in doubt between this model and the OLED803? Keep in mind that you won't find a better soundbar for the money you pay extra. As an additional advantage, this soundbar fits exactly with the design of the TV. The Ambilight lighting is a nice addition. In combination with a few Hue lights, you can make the entire living room part of your viewing experience.

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