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Expert review Philips Latte Go

The Philips Latte Go is different from other fully automatic machines with a milk container. There are no tubes attached, so rinsing and cleaning with a special milk cleaner is not necessary with this machine. I was very curious about this innovation from Philips. That's why I brought one into the house, so that I could test it myself as well. I can tell you; that was certainly not a punishment!

In short

  • 1.8-liter water tank
  • Removable milk reservoir
  • 1 adjustable user profile
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  • Very maintenance-friendly milking system.
  • Tasty espresso and coffee, adjustable to taste.
  • Easy operation.
  • Makes a lot of noise when making a cappuccino.
  • Water reservoir is quickly empty.

First impression

When I take the coffee machine out of the box, I immediately notice that it is nice and compact in size. The milk container consists of only 2 parts and has no milk hose. You click it easily in the machine and you're done. The housing is made of plastic and does not feel very sturdy when I tap it. Furthermore, the fully automatic machine is well finished and looks nice.

Low-maintenance milk system

Low-maintenance milk system

The biggest plus of the Philips Latte Go is the maintenance-friendly milk system. Where with other fully automatic machines you spend a lot of time rinsing and cleaning the many internal and external parts, this is done quickly in the Latte Go. The milk container consists of only 2 parts that you can rinse very easily under the tap. If the milk residues are not so easy to wash away, you can also clean the container in the dishwasher. Between the preparations you simply click the milk container loose and put it in the fridge. Handy, because this way the milk stays fresh.

  • You simply rinse the 2-part milk container under the tap.

Operation and ease of use

Operation and ease of use

You can make a cup of coffee, cappuccino or latte macchiato at the touch of a button. Do you want to change the settings? You do this via the menu. In the beginning it is a bit of figuring out how this works. You can also use the button for a cappuccino, for example, when you want to navigate upwards in the selection menu. There are also few bells and whistles on the machine. You close the bean container with an additional plastic lid, so that the beans stay fresh longer. Keep in mind that frothing milk makes a lot of noise. The 1.8 liter water reservoir is also quickly empty when you make a few cups of coffee in succession.

  • Easy operation, without fuss.
  • Makes a lot of noise while frothing milk.
  • Water reservoir is quickly empty.

The taste of coffee and milk specialties

Coffee and milk specialties taste

An espresso or a lungo has a good taste. You can adjust the strength for each coffee specialty by selecting 1 to 5 beans. Of course, the taste of the coffee also depends on the coffee beans that you use. I used cold, whole milk for the preparation of milk specialties. A latte macchiato has 3 beautiful layers; hot milk, coffee, and a good layer of milk foam. Both the latte macchiato and the cappuccino taste good, only the cappuccino has too little milk froth. There are also quite a few bubbles in the foam, making it less soft and lumpy.

  • Adjust the strength of a cup of coffee to taste.
  • A latte macchiato tastes good and looks nice.
  • The foam layer is a bit thin and there are quite a few bubbles in the milk foam.


The Philips Latte Go is recommended if you like to make a cappuccino or latte macchiato quickly, without any hassle. After all, you spend much less time cleaning the milk system afterwards. You can easily rinse the unique Latte Go system under the tap and you're ready. This also saves you costs, because you do not need milk system cleaner here. Keep in mind that making a cappuccino makes a lot of noise and that the water tank becomes empty quickly.

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